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Bachelor of Science
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Mari Knirck
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Molecular and Cell Biology is the study of fundamental processes that form the basis of biological life and the techniques used to study these processes. This specialization prepares you for entry into graduate degree programs, professional programs in the biomedical fields, or jobs in biomedical/agricultural research labs in government and industry.


There are many and varied opportunities for students pursuing a degree with the Molecular and Cell Biology specialization. You’ll find a wide spectrum of careers that demand the technical skills you learn with this program, from biotechnology research to the health professions.

Why this program 

You’ll have numerous opportunities to work closely with professors on meaningful research. In addition to studying genetics, physiology, microbiology and developmental biology, you’ll also gain the technical skills to work with advanced scientific technology. Our advisors will work closely with you to prepare a curriculum that will best meet your needs.

Contact Information 
Mari Knirck
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biology, cell biology, molecular biology, biological sciences

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