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Bachelor of Arts
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Cynthia Mitchell
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As a digital journalism student, you’ll gain experience in reporting and writing about important events, people and things, producing and editing video and still photography, designing for print and the web, and understanding how to create powerful online and social media platforms.


Perhaps the greatest skill a journalism student will gain is being a critical thinker and someone who knows how to distill large amounts of information into easily understandable end products. Journalism students are highly sought-after for their writing, communicating, and researching abilities. CWU offers a Bachelor of Arts in Digital Journalism. Students choose to specialize in journalistic writing and reporting or broadcast journalism.

Why this program 

Central digital journalism students learn how to question, investigate, interpret, and communicate—with great accuracy and on deadline. Such skills are invaluable in a wide variety of fields including the law, government, public agencies, advertising, public relations, and social studies.

Contact Information 
Cynthia Mitchell
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journalism, writing, reporting, reporter

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