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Bachelor of Science
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Darren Olson
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Industrial and engineering technology professionals are creative and technically proficient. They are valued by employers in all types of industries for helping improve efficiency, employee safety, and profitability. The placement rate for graduates is nearly 100 percent.

  • An engineering, safety, or construction degree from CWU opens doors to some of the hottest careers in the country. All programs are built on a strong foundation of technical courses with an emphasis on communication, making for limitless career potential.

  • CWU grads land internships and high-paying jobs with national and international firms. With a nearly 100 percent placement rate — oftentimes before graduation — and starting salaries of about $60,000, their degrees immediately begin to pay off.

Why this program 
  • Our faculty collaborate with students on research and publications and provide proactive advising to keep them on track and job ready.

  • Classes are held in the Hogue Technology Building, one of the nation’s most advanced facilities for industrial and engineering technology.

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Shelley Spencer
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industrial, industrial technology, technology, industrial tech

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