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Bachelor of Science
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Dr. Brandy Wiegers
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The applied mathematics program is your chance to connect the theory of mathematics with real-world applications because studying mathematics isn’t just about numbers. Studying applied math is also about recognizing patterns and understanding the logic of shapes, quantities, and systems. Mathematics provides the building blocks to understand the world around us whether it is money, architecture, electronics, or sports.  From the distribution of prime numbers (useful for encrypting communications and an important area of ongoing research here at CWU) to signal processing (useful for analyzing photos and sound, as well as picking out important patterns hidden in immense data sets), mathematics has applications everywhere.  This degree asks you to draw connections between the theoretical and the real world. 


Let’s face it—mathematicians are the rock stars of computer science, engineering, economic forecasting, energy resources, risk management, medicine, finance, and other businesses. Careers in fields with a solid basis in mathematics are among the fastest growing and rewarding.  


Here are just a few of the experiences in this major to make sure you are ready for these careers:


*  Written and verbal communication: All mathematics majors learn to communicate complicated ideas clearly and precisely, an important skill in all technical fields. You will regularly present project results in a manner that you can describe for your future employer. 

• Honors seminars: You can enroll in an honors seminar every quarter, with each seminar being a new mathematical topic to explore. Past topics included mathematical biology, 3-D printing, cryptology, mathematical games, and more.

* Research : Students are encouraged to continue individual research projects based on the ideas presented in the honors seminars. Past undergraduates have done work in differential equations, cryptology, mathematical modeling, analysis, and more.

• Social Opportunities:  Join the Math Club, help at the Kittitas Valley Math Circle, or challenge yourself with the Putnam Exam, the Kryptos competition, or the Mathematical Competition in Modeling.

Why this program 

CareerCast ranked careers involving mathematics (data scientist and statistician) as the top two jobs in 2016. It also projected a 23 percent increase in job growth for mathematicians by 2022.  Graduates in this program are in graduate school, working in industry, and teaching in local schools.


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Brandy Weigers
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math, applied math, mathematics

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