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Graduate Cohort 2017


Alan Bergman

BS Zoology, Miami University

Research interest: Visitor effects on the quality of life of the great apes

Other interests: Sports, dogs, travel

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Kara Gabriel

Sofia Castro-Loza

BS Animal Science, University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez

Research interest: Ethnoprimatology interface

Other interests: Swimming, snorkeling, backpacking travel

Faculty Advisors: Dr. Rodrigo Renteria-Valencia and Dr. Jessica Mayhew

Grace Coffman

BS Anthropology with a minor in Fisheries, Forestry and Wildlife, The Ohio State University

Research Interest: Visitor effects and stress levels in captive chimpanzees

Other interests: Reading, hiking, dogs

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Mary Lee Jensvold

Chad DeBree

BA Anthropology and BA Poltical Science with International Studies Certificate, Arizona State University

Research interest: Gestural communication and cooperation

Other interests: Traveling, learning new languages, cooking

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Mary Lee Jensvold

Jake Funkhouser

BS Primate Behavior and Ecology and BA Psychology, Central Washington University

Research Interests: Social Network Analysis, group composition, captive primate-caregiver relationships, welfare, and personality

Other interests: Traveling with my fiancé, fur children (dog/cat/rabbit), criminology and psychology TV series

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Jessica Mayhew

Funkhouser J; Mayhew JA; Mulcahy JB. 2018. Social network and dominance hierarchy analyses at Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest. Plos One

Jake has been accepted into Washington University in St. Louis' PhD program in Biological Anthropology under the advisement of Dr. Crickette Sanz, a CWU alumni. Together, Jake and Dr. Sanz will tackle large questions of behavioral adaptations, comparative social behavior, and individual well-being across sanctuary, zoo, and wild chimpanzee populations.

Mireille Gonzalez

BA Anthropology, University of
California Berkeley

Research interests: Primate rescue, rehabilitation and release, habitat conservation, unique sexual selection, and unique social hierarchies

Other interests: Permaculture and sustainable agriculture herbalism, growing/making my own medicine, event planning and catering

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Kara Gabriel

Victoria Green

BS Evolutionary Anthropology and
Philosophy, Rutgers University

Research interests: The ethics of studying wild primates and the perception humans have toward non-human primates

Other interests: PC gaming, belly dancing, traveling

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Matthew Altman

Kalli Kohen

Anthropology, California State University Fullerton

Research interests: Paternal behavior in monogamous primates, the effects of stress on parental investment, and social dynamics of Hylobates

Other interests: Ceramics, sewing, coffee

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Lori Sheeran

Caroline Rowley

BA Cultural Anthropology, Tulane University

Research interests: Bioacoustics, Hylobatidae, soundscape ecology

Other interests: Rock climbing, Canis familiaris, wearing denim

Faculty Advisors: Dr. Sofia Blue and Dr. Jessica Mayhew

Fred Rubio

BS Biology with emphasis in Zoology, California Polytechnic University Pomona

Research interest: Chimpanzee cognition and cooperation

Other interests: Cafe racer motorcycles, sci-fi, camping

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Jessica Mayhew

Alex Sacco

BA Biology, Boston University

Research Interest: Assessing individual health status in Neotropical primates

Other interests: Travel, hockey, food

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Jessica Mayhew

Lisa Tweed

BA Anthropology with a minor in Biology, University of North Texas

Research interests: Conservation education and human/primate interaction

Other interests: Horseback riding, hiking, traveling (especially to islands)

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Hope Amason


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