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Faculty and Staff

PBE Program Staff and Administrators

Ms. Penelope Anderson, Secretary Senior, Anthropology, Dean Hall 357, (509)963-3201,

Dr. James Johnson, Chair, Biological Sciences, Science Building 338A, (509)963-3011,

Dr. Lene Pedersen, Chair, Anthropology and Museum Studies, Dean Hall 356, (509)963-3211,

Dr. Stephanie Stein, Chair, Psychology, Psychology Building 421, (509)963-2381,

Dr. Lori K. Sheeran, Director, Primate Behavior and Ecology, Dean Hall 335 (509)963-1434,

Dr. Tim Englund, Dean, College of the Sciences, Dean Hall 130, (509)963-3678,

PBE Program Faculty

Dr. Matthew Altman, Associate Professor, Philosophy and Religious Studies, L&L 103B, (509)963-1840,

Dr. Daniel Beck, Professor, Biological Sciences, Science Building 236G, (509)963-1458,

Dr. Sofia Blue (Bernstein), Lecturer, Anthropology, Dean Hall 334, (509) 963-3209,

Dr. Marte Fallshore, Associate Professor, Psychology, Psychology 462, (509)963-3670,

Dr. Kara Gabriel, Professor, Psychology, Psychology 424, (509)963-2387,

Dr. Ralf Greewald, Associate Professor, Psychology, Psychology 428, (509)963-3630,

Dr. Mary Lee Jensvold, Adjunct Professor, Anthropology,

Dr. Jessica Mayhew, Assistant Professor, Anthropology, Dean Hall 341, (509)963-3220,

Prof. J.B. Mulcahy, Adjunct Professor, Anthropology,

Dr. Mary Radeke, Assistant Professor, Psychology, Psychology 459, (509)963-2367,

Dr. Lori Sheeran, Professor, Anthropology, Dean Hall 335, (509)963-1434,

Dr. Lixing Sun (on sabbatical leave AY 2017-2018), Professor, Biological Sciences, Science Building 236H, (509)963-2780,

Dr. Steve Wagner, Professor, Biological Sciences, Science Building 236K, (509)963-3105,



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