Political Science

What is Political Science?

Political Science is the study of policies, processes, behavior, and institutions, which have an effect on society, and components of society.

Political Science as a discipline is divided into subfields: 
American Politics: The study of the American political system with a specific focus on political institutions such as the presidency, legislature, and the courts. American politics also includes a study of elections, parties, state and local government, interest groups and the media.
Comparative Politics: The study and comparison of politics across countries including political institutions, types of governments, economic status, political development, history and culture.
International Relations: The study of the relationships, conflicts and cooperation among state and non-state actors around the world. This includes theories of international relation, national security, international political economy, international law and organization.
Political Theory: the study of the normative foundations of political science. This includes the examination of concepts such as justice, freedom, rights, and citizenship.