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DSHS Social Service Specialist 3

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Subject: Entry Level Deputy United States Marshal – Vacancy Announcement OPEN

The GL-0082-07 Deputy United States Marshal Vacancy Announcement is now open on USAJOBS.  The vacancy announcement will close on Tuesday, August 29, 2017, OR at 11:59 p.m. (EDT) on the day that 5,000 applicants have applied.  The Human Resources Division (HRD) expects this announcement will create a high volume of traffic on the USAJOBS website and attract a large number of applications.  HRD anticipates the announcement to close within 24 hours due to the heavy applicant volume.

The vacancy announcement can be accessed from the USAJOBS site or by using the following link:
Applicants with questions or problems uploading or applying for the position on the USAJOBS website should be direct to the USAJOBS helpdesk at<>.

Applicants with questions concerning their application or required paperwork for this announcement should be directed to<> and the Office of Personnel Management will assist them.  Please encourage applicants to read and follow the instructions in the announcement.

Applicants with general hiring inquiries should be directed to<> and the Law Enforcement Hiring and Student Programs Branch will assist them.
Please do not direct Applicants to the POC.

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U.S. House of Representatives Internship Opportunities

The District Office of Congressman Adam Smith is currently seeking interns for Autumn 2017. Priority will be given to students who apply by August 23rd. Candidates should have an interest in the legislative process, civic service, possess excellent writing and communication skills, and work well in a team environment.

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Intern with Environment Washington on our solar cities campaign:

Climate change is the single biggest crisis facing our generation. It has severe implications for our health, economy, national security and most other aspects of our lives, and we’re already seeing the fallout. Whether it be wildfires in the Western US that destroy property and make it impossible for people to go outside, or the increased severity and prevalence of superstorms on the East Coast, we’re feeling the impacts of climate change.

So what can we do about it? We know that climate change is tightly linked to carbon emissions from the burning of fossil fuels, and we know that we need to make serious investments in renewable energy to stave off its worst effects. Our new administration and Congress will likely hinder our ability to take large strides nationally in the next several years, so we’re redoubling our efforts right here in our backyard, by promoting solar energy in counties and municipalities across Washington. In Ellensburg we’re going to be working to get our city council to make an ambitious solar commitment.

We’re currently hiring interns to help run our solar cities campaign. As an intern with Environment Washington you can build your resume while learning awesome skills like how to organize a press conference, write a letter to the editor, run a petition drive and/or plan an event. 

For more information and to fill out an interest form: CLICK HERE

Questions? Contact:

Sarah Lukins
Campaign Organizer | Environment Washington
(206) 708-4939



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