University Policy Advisory Committee - May 4, 2011

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Barge Hall - 412
8:30 AM

Ex-Officio members: Jim Gaudino, Marilyn Levine, George Clark, Sherer Holter, Kirk Johnson, Matt Cziske, Wendy Bohrson, Rodney Bransdorfer, Lucy Rolfe

Ex-Officio Advisory, Non Voting members:  Shelly Baird, Jack Bishop, Kandee Cleary, Patricia Cutright, Ed Day, Tim McGuire, Dennis Defa, Richard DeShields, Michael Gass, Connie Lambert, Marji Morgan, Tracy Pellett, Forrest Rodgers, Roy Savoian, Linda Schactler, Staci Sleigh-Layman, John Swiney, Bill Vertrees, Katrina Whitney

  1. Presentations

No presentations this week.

  1. Information Items

    1. CWU Event Summary - May 2011
      Jim reminded folks to keep submitting their events for the monthly summary to Jody Baxter at He added that the CWU Women's Softball team is currently in first place. They have four home games left so come out and support the team if you can. Marji Morgan announced that the College of Arts and Humanities, along with the Music Department and the CWU Student National Association for Teachers of Singing Club, are hosting Belle Notte on Saturday, May 14. It is a fundraising event for our opera program. The evening includes dinner, a silent auction and arias performed by our students. Kirk Johnson announced that there is another Natural Science Seminar this Friday, May 6 at 4:00 PM in Science 147. Dr. Huerta will be presenting on "Making Mountains: A Geodynamic View of Beautiful Places." John Swiney reported that registration for fall quarter begins Monday, May 9. Katrina Whitney reminded folks of the Patt Haley Fundraiser event that will be held Friday, May 6 at 5:00 PM at Holmes Dining Hall. John Swiney also added that Jesus Hernandez, member of the Higher Education Coordinating Board and community leader in Wenatchee, has teamed up with CWU and other area folks to hold a Mariachi Music festival in Wenatchee this month.
  2. Action Items

    1. Approval of PAC Minutes from April 6, 2011
      Motion to approve the PAC Minutes from April 6, 2011 as presented by Sherer Holter. Seconded by Kirk Johnson. No further discussion. Motion carried.
  3. University Policies to Recommend for Approval

    1. CWUP 2-40-230 Whistleblower Act - Sherer Holter
      Sherer explained that we had the whistleblower information listed in several locations online. The information has now been consolidated into two places: policies and procedures. PAC members endorsed CWUP 2-40-230 Whistleblower Act with one minor revision to bullet point number five. Presidential approval May 4, 2011.
  4. University Procedures Reviewed

    1. CWUR 1-50-010 Whistleblower Complaints - Sherer Holter
      Procedures that are tied to the whistleblower policy were consolidated as well. PAC members endorsed CWUR 1-50-010 Whistleblower Complaints. Presidential approval May 4, 2011.
  5. Departmental Policies/Procedures Reviewed

    No departmental policies/procedures to review at this time.


Other Announcements:

Linda Schactler gave a legislative update. The House and Senate are still split on the capital budget. There are still several versions of the tuition policy and many things going on in the academic area. Stay tuned for more information or check out the blog 

Kirk Johnson reminded folks that SOURCE is coming up May 19, 2011. During SOURCE, there will be a Digital Visualization Laboratory Preview. When you see the emails, sign up for a time slot right away. The preview will take about an hour. It is a 200 seat, multi-functional teaching environment that uses a curved screen/dome along with technically advanced projection and audio systems to display real-time multimedia.

Jim reported that the research foundation is up and running with our first LLC - Tim Melbourne/PANGA. He also added that Kandee Cleary was awarded AFT-WA's "We Are One � Solidarity" Award. This award goes to individuals who work to create connections and ties between different constituencies and populations within their local and workplace. She was nominated for this award by the leadership of her union local, the United Faculty of Central, AFT local 3231. She will be receiving her award at the AFT-WA conference in mid-May. If you see her, please congratulate her for her efforts on and off campus.

Next meeting: August 3, 2011

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