University Policy Advisory Committee - May 2, 2012

Barge 412 - 8:30 AM


Ex-officio voting:  Jim Gaudino, Marilyn Levine, George Clark, Sherer Holter, Jim Huckabay, Ian Loverro, Charlene Andrews, Matt Cziske

Ex-officio non-voting:   Shelly Baird, Jack Bishop, Kandee Cleary, Sandy Colson, Patricia Cutright, Ed Day, Bob Hickey, Connie Lambert, Marji Morgan, Jesse Nelson, Tracy Pellett, Wayne Quirk, Linda Schactler, Staci Sleigh-Layman, Bill Vertrees, Scott Wade

I. Action Items

1. Approval of UPAC Minutes from April 4, 2012
Motion to approve the UPAC Minutes from April 4, 2012 as presented by Sherer Holter.  Seconded by Matt Cziske.  No further discussion.  Motion carried.

II. University Policies to Recommend for Approval

1. CWUP 2-35-070 Discrimination Complaint & Resolution Policy – Sherer Holter
Sherer Holter explained that the changes to this policy include changing OEO to EO, and adding a section to clarify coordination of allegations.  Charlene Andrews pointed out one additional title change to be made for consistency.  UPAC members endorsed the Discrimination Complaint and Resolution Policy with one revision.

III. University Procedures Reviewed

1. CWUR 1-30-050 Discrimination Complaint & Resolution Procedure – Employees – Sherer Holter
Sherer Holter explained that CWUR 1-30-050 is the procedure that accompanies the Discrimination Complaint and Resolution Policy.  A section was added to clarify that informal mechanisms, including mediation, will not be used to resolve sexual assault complaints.   A statement regarding retaliation was added as well.  Sandy Colson reminded the group that this is the policy related to employees.  The policy related to students will be brought forward for review soon.  UPAC members endorsed the revisions to the Discrimination Complaint and Resolution Procedure.

IV. Departmental Policies/Procedures Reviewed

No departmental policies/procedures to review at this time.

Other Announcements:

Jim Huckabay asked if it would be possible to invite a few more community groups to present at UPAC.  He would like to see the group get information regarding agriculture, farming, and rural issues.  He will send the group names and contact information to Sandy Colson for a future UPAC agenda item.  In addition, Jim reported that his department secretary, Marilyn Mason, was selected as CWU’s Employee of the Year.

President Gaudino reported that CWU’s Army ROTC Ranger team took top honors at the 46th Annual Sandhurst Competition for military cadets at the US Military Academy at West Point on April 20 and 21.  He added that two of our CWU rugby players made the world cup team.

Sherer Holter reminded the group that the Board of Trustees meeting is this Friday, May 4 at 9:00 AM.  The meeting will be video streamed as well.

Matt Cziske reported that the EEA representation proposal was recently voted on and passed, so restructuring of the EEA representation will begin soon.  A reception for exempt employees is in the works.  Matt suggested that the Admissions group present at PAT.  He will work with Sherer and Sandy to get that scheduled.  He also suggested some revisions to the university policy regarding emeritus status.  He will submit his proposal to Sherer so President’s Cabinet can review it.

Next Meeting: June 6, 2012

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