University Policy Advisory Committee - May 1, 2013 Minutes

University Policy Advisory Committee Minutes
Barge Hall, room 412
April 17, 2013
8:30 AM


Ex-officio:  Jim Gaudino, Marilyn Levine, George Clark, Sherer Holter, Kirk Johnson, Melody Madlem, Mike Jackson, Matt Cziske, Ken Young

Ex-officio non-voting:  Margaret Badgley, Jack Bishop, Ric Byham, Kandee Cleary, Sandy Colson, Patricia Cutright, Ed Day, Steve DeSoer, Connie Lambert, Kathryn Martell, Marji Morgan, Tracy Pellett, Carmen Rahm, Linda Schactler, Staci Sleigh-Layman, Sarah Swager, John Swiney, Bob Tosch, Scott Wade, Connie Williams, Bill Yarwood

Guest:  Anna Fischer


Congratulations go out to:
The iCAT team for the Online Travel & Authorization Workflow Project
Wildcat Day organizers
CWU’s FIRST Robotics Regional Championship organizers
CWU’s Opera Ensemble for their performance of Die Fledermaus at the Capitol Theatre
CWU Rugby for earning a spot in the Varsity Cup National Collegiate Rugby Championship
CWU Baseball, tied for first in the GNAC conference
CWU Softball, second place in the GNAC conference


I.          Action Items

  1. Approval of UPAC Minutes from March 6, 2013

    Motion to approve as presented by Sherer Holter.  Seconded by Matt Cziske.  No further discussion.  Motion carried.                       

  2. University Policies & Procedures to Recommend for Approval
    1. CWUP 2-30-230 Classified Employee Salary Determination Policy – Sherer Holter
      The only change to this policy is adding “classified employee” to the title since it pertains to only classified employees.  UPAC members endorsed the title change to CWUP 2-30-230 Classified Employee Salary Determination.

    2. CWUP 2-60 (10) Enterprise Information Systems Committee – Sherer Holter
      Sherer Holter reported that this committee has been meeting regularly.  This addition is to make this group an official university standing committee.  UPAC members endorsed the addition of CWUP 2-60 (10) Enterprise Information Systems Committee to the University Standing Committee list.
    3. Travel Procedures – Connie Williams

      Summary of Travel Procedure Changes:
      1. CWUR 3-50-205 Travel Authorization
      2. CWUR 3-50-210 Cash Advance (formerly Travel Advance)
      3. CWUR 3-50-215 Travel Expense Report
      4. CWUR 3-50-230 Hotel/Motel Reservations
      5. CWUR 3-50-235 Lodging Reimbursement
      6. CWUR 3-50-240 Meal Reimbursement
      7. CWUR 3-50-245 Mileage Reimbursement
      8. CWUR 3-50-250 Mileage Log
      9. CWUR 3-50-255 Motor Pool
      10. CWUR 3-50-260 Domestic Group Travel
      11. CWUR 3-50-290 Other Travel Expenses
      12. CWUR 3-50-270 Travel Payment by Non-University Source

        Connie Williams explained that the updates to all of the travel procedures listed above were required in order to match the requirements for the new online travel and authorization workflow system.  Some housekeeping edits (capitalization, links, etc.) were also made.  It was suggested that a definition page be added to these procedures, so Anna Fischer will work on that.  In addition, if you need online approvals customized for your area, please contact Anna Fischer at:  UPAC members endorsed all of the travel procedures listed above with a few minor changes, except CWUR 3-50-290 Other Travel Expenses, which will have some additional changes and will come back to UPAC at a later date.

    4. CWUR 3-90-100 Waiver of Tuition and Fees – John Swiney
      John Swiney explained that this process is three fold.  First, the waiver of tuition and fees policy was revised and approved.  Then the procedures for FY13 were revised and approved, and now the procedures for FY14 require review and approval.  He added that we have to operate two years at a time:  clarifying how we are currently handling waivers and how we will handle them the next year.  The Business and Finance Committee has reviewed and approved these procedures, and the State Auditors have reviewed them as well. UPAC members endorsed the updates to CWUR 3-90-100 Waiver of Tuition and Fees Procedure.
    5. Deletion of CWUP 2-30-140 Ombudsperson – Sherer Holter
      Steve DeSoer reported that when the previous ombudsperson left the university, Human Resources reengaged with the state’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP).  HR is using a variety of tools to address issues that may arise, and Gail Farmer and Veronica Gomez-Vilchis are available to assist in any way they can.  Several UPAC members indicated they liked having a person in the ombudsperson position.  It was suggested that maybe CWU employees are not aware of all the services HR offers, so an announcement on Central Today might be a good idea.  Steve will follow up on that.  Since this item is basically a position description, not a policy, UPAC members endorsed the deletion of CWUP 2-30-140 Ombudsperson from the University Policies Manual.

    6. Policies Reviewed - No Changes Made:
CWUP 2-30-080 Employee Promotions – Sherer Holter
CWUP 2-30-090 Faculty and Exempt Staff Retention – Sherer Holter
CWUP 2-30-100 Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) – Sherer Holter
CWUP 2-30-110 Flexwork – Sherer Holter
CWUP 2-30-120 Military Leave for University Employees – Sherer Holter
CWUP 2-30-130 Nonresident Alien Tax Compliance – Sherer Holter
CWUP 2-30-150 Payroll Policies – Sherer Holter
CWUP 2-30-160 Performance Management – Sherer Holter
CWUP 2-30-170 Personnel Records – Sherer Holter
CWUP 2-30-180 Pets in the Workplace – Sherer Holter
CWUP 2-30-190 Probationary/Trial Service – Sherer Holter
CWUP 2-30-210 Rehiring Retirees – Sherer Holter
CWUP 2-30-240 Surviving Spouse Privileges – Sherer Holter
CWUP 2-30-250 Telework – Sherer Holter
CWUP 2-30-260 Training and Development – Sherer Holter
CWUP 2-30-270 Uniform Service Shared Leave Pool – Sherer Holter
The policies listed above were reviewed and no changes were made.  UPAC members endorsed the review of all of the policies listed above, except CWUP 2-30-240 Surviving Spouse Privileges.  That policy will be revisited and will come back to UPAC at a later date.

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