University Policy Advisory Committee - March 7, 2012

Barge 412 - 8:30 AM


Ex-officio voting:  Jim Gaudino, Marilyn Levine, George Clark, Sherer Holter, Kirk Johnson, Jim Huckabay, Ian Loverro, Charlene Andrews, Matt Cziske

Ex-officio advisory non-voting:  Shelly Baird, Ethan Bergman, Jack Bishop, Kandee Cleary, Sandy Colson, Patricia Cutright, Ed Day, Richard DeShields, Bob Hickey, Connie Lambert, Marji Morgan, Wayne Quirk, Linda Schactler, John Swiney, Bill Vertrees, Scott Wade

Guests:  Ken Baxter, Chris Bruya, Gail Farmer, Dale Hubbard, Katrina Whitney, Bill Yarwood

I. Information Items

1. Ellensburg Boards/Commissions/Councils Update from the following faculty & staff (8:30 AM):

Bill Yarwood – Ellensburg Downtown Association Board:
Bill reported that he started on the committee in November.  He explained that the board operates under the auspices of the City of Ellensburg.  The group emphasizes their efforts in four main areas:  design, organization, promotion, and economic  restructuring.  Their mission is to enhance the economic and cultural vibrancy of historic downtown Ellensburg.

George Clark – Kittitas County Chamber of Commerce Board:
George reported that he has only attended two meetings as the CWU representative.  He serves on the budget and finance committee of the chamber, assisting to get the budget framework in place.  The four areas of focus for this board are:  member services, tourism, economic development, and business advocacy.  They are in the process of moving away from the “Ellen” marketing theme and going to  Future items of the chamber include surveying all businesses, conducting a tourism study, and developing an upper county presence.

Marji Morgan & Patricia Cutright – Gallery One Board:
Patricia reported that Gallery One started in the fall of 1967 by Study Club (an Ellensburg women’s group).  The group sponsored an art exhibit at the Sarah Spurgeon Gallery at CWU.  From that came the idea to form an art gallery in Ellensburg.  Marji added that Gallery One Visual Arts Center is a nonprofit organization that relies on community involvement and donations to keep its doors open.  Paint Ellensburg is their biggest fundraiser.  They also rent the entire facility and have a retail store.  In addition to rotating exhibits of contemporary art, Gallery One offers a variety of quarterly classes, an art after school program, a full ceramics studio, and inexpensive studio spaces for artists.

Chris Bruya & Dale Hubbard – Jazz in the Valley Board:
Chris reported that Jazz in the Valley started 13 years ago by a graduate student as his thesis project.  It was a one-day event and has now grown into a three-day festival.   The board and about 200 volunteers from the community organize the entire event.  In 2010 the Jazz in the Valley Board established the Jazz in the Valley Young Musician Scholarship to be awarded to a student from Washington who wishes to pursue a music major with an emphasis in jazz studies at CWU.  Dale added that he has been on the board for about 10 years.  He facilitates the organization of the items that are borrowed from CWU for the weekend event and helps with the venues.  Each board member takes on several committee assignments as well, but volunteers are a huge part of the success of the event.  This year’s Jazz in the Valley will be held in downtown Ellensburg July 27-29, 2012.  See for more details.

Ken Baxter – Chamber Tourism Committee:
Ken reported that he started here at CWU in 1991 and has been a member of the Chamber Tourism Committee ever since.  The goal of the tourism committee is to strengthen local economies through promotion of Kittitas County as a year-round travel and entertainment destination.  They encourage the growth of tourism as a sustainable provider of employment and business opportunities in Kittitas County and work with community groups and businesses throughout the region to make Kittitas County a tourist destination.  He added that they are moving away from the “Ellen” campaign and are moving forward on a new campaign: 

Wayne Quirk – Innovation Partnership Zone:
Wayne explained that the (CWURF) Central Washington University Research Foundation’s goal is to protect faculty research, encourage entrepreneurship, build economic relationships, effectively utilize resources, and build wealth for CWU by building partnerships with local and global businesses.  The focus is on water and energy to improve the economic climate of CWU and the Central Washington area.  Current projects include a resource directory and a water resource institute led by faculty in Geography.

Linda Huber – United Way/Kittitas County Advisory Committee:
Linda was unable to attend in person, but provided the following summary:  “In 2009, United Way of Central Washington was organized through a merger of Kittitas County United Way and Yakima County United Way.  This new organization is responsible for mobilizing community leadership to raise and reinvent community resources to meet the needs of its citizens.  The organization is led by a group of volunteer board members elected at an annual meeting each May.  Representation includes volunteers that represent both Yakima and Kittitas Counties.  Board volunteers are active on several sub-committees, including Campaign, Community Investment, Finance, and Marketing.  Funds raised by local volunteers are reinvested back into their community.  In the three years since the merger, United Way of Central Washington has invested more in Kittitas County programs than what was raised in the county, in our commitment to increase support for vitally needed programs.  In Yakima and Kittitas Counties, United Way currently partners with 53 agencies that operate 75 effective social service programs.  All services help families and individuals improve their education, income, and health – which are the three pillars of United Way’s overall strategy for creating long-term, lasting change in community conditions that undermine our quality of life.”

II. Action Items

1. Approval of UPAC Minutes from February 1, 2012
Motion to approve the UPAC Minutes from February 1, 2012 as presented by Sherer Holter.  Seconded by Marilyn Levine.  No further discussion.  Motion carried.

III. University Policies to Recommend for Approval

1. Summary of Alcohol and Other Drugs – Policy and Procedure Changes

2. CWUP 2-40-030 Alcohol and Other Drugs – Sherer Holter
Sherer explained that the updates to the Alcohol and Other Drugs Policy sets university policy in compliance with Washington state laws and regulations; no more restrictive, no less restrictive.  The policy has been reorganized into four areas:  a general statement, student conduct, employee (faculty and staff) conduct, and serving alcoholic beverages on the Ellensburg campus.  In addition, the new policy replaces references to the Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management with Dean of Student Success.  Richard DeShields raised some issues with the revised policy, so a meeting will be arranged to discuss the policy further.  It will come back to UPAC in April.

3. Summary of Policy Deletions

4. Deletion of CWUP 2-40-090 – Drug Free Workplace – Sherer Holter
Since this item corresponds with CWUP 2-40-030, it will also come back to UPAC in April.

5. Deletion of CWUP 5-20.1 Form to Request Naming of a CWU Facility, Landmark, Center, Institute, or Program for a Donor – Sherer Holter
This is a form that is submitted to the Naming Priorities Committee – not a policy, so it is being deleted from CWUP 5-20.  UPAC members endorsed the deletion.

6. Deletion of CWUP 5-20.2 Form to Request Honorary Naming of a CWU Facility, Landmark, Center, Institute, or Program – Sherer Holter
This is a form that is submitted to the Naming Priorities Committee – not a policy, so it is being deleted from CWUP 5-20.  UPAC members endorsed the deletion.

7. Deletion of CWUP 9-20 – Reporting to the Vice President for University Advancement – Sherer Holter
This division no longer exists, and the information is an organizational roster – not a policy, so CWUP 9-20 is being deleted in its entirety.  UPAC members endorsed the deletion.

IV. University Procedures Reviewed

1. CWUR 1-60-101 Serving Alcoholic Beverages – Sherer Holter
Since this item corresponds with CWUP 2-40-030, it will also come back to UPAC in April.

2. Deletion of CWUR 1-60-030 Facilities Use Exceptions – Sherer Holter
This procedure has been replaced by Facilities Use Procedure 3-40-380, so this is basically a housekeeping item.  UPAC members endorsed the deletion.

V. Departmental Policies/Procedures Reviewed
No departmental policies/procedures to review at this time.

For the Good of the Order:

Kandee Cleary encouraged folks to attend the Tim Wise presentation tonight at 7:30 PM in the SURC Ballroom.

Bob Hickey asked for clarification on the tuition waiver for dependents.  Sherer reported that the waiver will be available beginning spring quarter for eligible CWU employee dependents and eligible retirees.  Questions should be directed to Agnes Canedo’s group in Financial Aid or to staff in Human Resources.   An announcement will be on Central Today soon as well.  Jim Huckabay and Bob Hickey congratulated the president on getting this approval through.

Sandy Colson reminded folks that the consulting firm, BerryDunn, will be on campus next week to talk with faculty, students, and staff regarding technology and integrating our systems.  There will be an open forum on Wednesday, March 14 from 4:30-6:00 PM in SURC 137B.  The forum will be a great opportunity to share your ideas about technology, limitations within the existing technology environment, and IT initiatives relevant to you or your department.

Next Meeting: April 4, 2012

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