CWUP 8-20-070 University Housing and New Student Programs

All university-owned and sponsored housing must be made available without regard to race, color, creed, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression, age, marital status, disability, or status as a disabled or Vietnam-era veteran. The university may provide separate housing on the basis of sex, provided that, as a whole, it is comparable in both quantity and quality to that provided to students of the other sex. Comparable, convenient, and accessible housing for students with disabilities will be provided at the same cost as to others.

Institutional and national research suggests that students who live on campus are significantly more inclined to remain in college, graduate in 4 years and achieve higher GPAs in comparison to students living off campus. In support of the mission of Central Washington University, all full-time, first-year students at the Ellensburg campus, under twenty years of age, are required to live in university residence hall facilities. First-year students include students who obtained college credit pre-high school graduation. Residence hall facilities do not include campus apartments. Residence hall facilities do not include apartments for single or married students. Exceptions may be granted to the following students:

  1. Those who are living with parents and/or qualifying relatives within a commutable distance to campus of 40 minutes or less.
  2. Those who are married and/or have physical custody of a dependent child.
  3. Those whose medical condition precludes the possibility of residence hall living.
  4. Those employed off campus, and must live where their work is performed, and/or board is a part of their overall compensation.
  5. Those who have substantial, unexpected financial hardship.
  6. Those who will reach the age of twenty within thirty days after the start of the quarter.
  7. Students who wish to live off campus for other reasons must obtain the approval of the associate dean of student success for student living or designee.

The university reserves the right to deny a student on-campus housing for prior criminal convictions. The determination will be made by the associate dean of student success for student living and/or designee.

Only residents, their guests, persons with official business, and associate members of University Housing, are authorized to enter or use the buildings or their facilities. Use of common areas by nonresidents may be approved by the associate dean of student success for student living.

  1. Apartments - Only students, staff, faculty and those involved in a university program are eligible to live in Central’s apartments. Students must enroll in and maintain a minimum of seven credit hours each quarter during the academic year, excluding summer term if the student is enrolled for following fall term. Occasionally, if circumstances require student to be enrolled in fewer hours or not enrolled, they may request approval to stay in university housing through the associate dean for student living or their designee. Those involved in a university program include staff, faculty, students, persons working on a thesis and who are not enrolled, and those working on a project with a department of the university may also be eligible to live in campus apartments. Visiting faculty and students of another school who are involved in a program of that institution which is conducted on central’s campus or the Ellensburg area may also be eligible.
  2. Residence Halls - To reside in a residence hall, one must be enrolled as a student of CWU with at least 7 credit hours, be a full-time staff person of central, or be involved in a university program. Also eligible are faculty and students of another school who are involved in a program of that institution which is conducted on CWU’s campus or in the Ellensburg area.

[Responsibility: Dean of Student Success; Authority: Provost/VP for Academic & Student Life; Reviewed/Endorsed by: Provost’s Council 7/24/2012; 06/03/18 /Cabinet/PAC; Review/Effective Date: 12/04/2013; 06/13/18. Approved by: James L. Gaudino, President]

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