Role of the Incident Response Coordinator

The Incident Response Coordinator will neither investigate nor adjudicate complaints relating to a bias motivated incident or Bias crime. In the event of a bias incident complaint, the Incident Response Coordinator ensures appropriate services are made available. These include:

  • Crisis counseling to the victim/person affected.
  • Appropriate medical referral (if needed).
  • Referral to the Health and Counseling Center to meet with a counselor who will provide additional emotional support and assist victims in sorting out feelings associated with the incident.
  • Provide advice on the university's discrimination complaint procedures, disciplinary action (if alleged offender is known), alternative housing assignments, academic assistance, and the role of advocate in other proceedings.
  • Make every effort to contact victim/person affected within 24 hours and, while respecting whatver decision they have made, encourage them to get some type of assistance.

The Incident Response Coordinator coordinates the process of reporting incidents by:

  • Encouraging person(s) affected to report the occurrence to Public Safety for investigation and/or prosecution.
  • Notifying the following offices (or others) as appropriate and with the victim's consent: Office for the Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management (if the alleged offender is a student), Office for Equal Opportunity (if the alleged offender is an employee), University Housing and New Student Programs (if either the victim or the alleged offender is living in the residential community), Health and Counseling Center, Academic Affairs (if the victim needs to alter course schedule), and the Office of International Student Programs (if either the victim or the alleged offender is involved in that program), Student Employment Office (if the alleged offended is a university student employee).

The Incident Response Coordinator maintains and provides appropriate statistical information by:

  • Maintaining generic statistical information and providing data to Public Safety is required under the Clery Act. (The Jeanne Clery disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Crime Statistics Act - for information see Department of Education)
  • Maintaining the confidentiality at the informal-service level with the exception of the mandated statistical summaries required by the Clery Act.
  • Other duties of the Incident Response Coordinator include:
  • Coordinating campus resources and educational efforts.
  • Advising the Equity and Services Council, a student organization which provides services and programmatic efforts to all students at CWU.
  • Working closely with the IDC.

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