Reporting and Assistance

The University's highest concern is for the emotional and physical well being of persons affected by a bias motivated incident or Bias crime. The person affected shall have access to all university services that can help students maintain emotional and psychological well being and provide for the safety of the person affected. These include, but are not limited to, assistance in changing academic and living arrangements if these changes are reasonably available. The Incident Response Coordinator will be the first official point of contact (963-1685), other than the police, for facilitating victim access to all needed services. Other departments, if contacted first, will make a referral to the Incident Response Coordinator.

Central Washington University encourages all members of the campus community who believe they are victims of a bias motivated incident or the crime to immediately report the incident to the police agency of jurisdiction. Although reporting is not required, it is strongly encouraged. If the incident occurs in the residence halls or apartments, the Office of Housing and New Student Programs and Public Safety should be contacted as well as the Incident Response Coordinator (Director of the Diversity Education Center). Immediate reporting to the police is an important factor in successful investigation and prosecution of bias incidents and Bias crimes.

Persons affected or victims are not required to pursue prosecution just because they report a crime to a police agency. However, the reporting of a bias motivated incident or Bias crime may prevent others from being affected.

Any member of the university community can file a third party report with the Incident Response Coordinator, Student Affairs and Enrollment Management, or Police Services detailing a potential bias motivated incident or Bias crime. It is important to note that the university cannot initiate student judicial action or a criminal complaint against the alleged offender based on a third party report. The report is encouraged, nonetheless, as it can provide useful information for protecting the community-at-large and connecting similar reports while protecting the victim's anonymity.

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