President's Advisory Council - November 7, 2007

8:30-10:30 a.m.
Barge 412

Present: Jerilyn McIntyre, Dave Soltz, Rich Corona, Charlotte Tullos, Paul Baker, Libby Street, Meghan Miller, Jeff Snedeker, Kathleen Barlow, Becky Watson, Staci Sleigh-Layman, Emily Washines, Katie Underwood

Guests: Carmen Rahm, Sherer Holter, David Heath

  1. Action Items

    1. Approval of PAC Minutes from 10.3.07
      Motion to approve the PAC Minutes from 10.3.07 as presented by Mr. Corona. Seconded by Dr. Baker. No further discussion. Motion carried.
  2. Discussion Items

    1. Proposed format for the Academic Assessment Committee - Dr. Soltz
      Dr. Soltz explained that the Academic Affairs Council approved a proposed format for the Academic Assessment Committee last spring. Tom Henderson submitted the proposal in consultation with Linda Beath. The suggestion is to format the committee so that the correct employee positions are appointed to this committee instead of just random appointments. The group provided feedback. This will come back for final approval at the next PAC meeting with the updated committee charge included.
    2. Proposed changes to the Campus Site and Development Committee - Mr. Corona
      Mr. Corona explained that Bill Vertrees has requested that the current committee membership be amended to include two members from the community rather than one. One member would be appointed from the community at large and of from the city. This proposal will come back for final approval at the next PAC meeting in December.
    3. Proposed changes to the Campus Safety and Health Committee - Mr. Corona
      Mr. Corona explained that Ron Munson, chair of the committee, has requested two changes to this committee. The first is to change member terms to one-year terms (currently three years) to conform with recent L&I requirements. Members must be elected by the employee group as a whole or by representatives of the employee group (for example, EEA Governing Board), but there is no limit to the number of terms a person can serve. The second proposed change is to add a representative from Human Resources as an ex-officio member. This will come back for final approval at the next PAC meeting in December.
  3. For the Good of the Order

    Judy Miller, Board Secretary:

    Ms. Miller distributed the Faculty and Staff Retention policy for further review. The group provided feedback at the last meeting. Those suggestions have been incorporated into the new draft. Dr. McIntyre designated an ad hoc committee to continue reviewing this policy and the issues that came up during the discussion. The policy will come back again for final approval before it is distributed to the employee groups for discussion. Ms. Miller reminded folks that items for the December 7 Board of Trustees meeting are due to her by November 20.

    Kim Dawson, Administrative Operations Coordinator:

    Ms. Dawson announced that the President's Annual Toy project will be gearing up soon. The President's Office hopes to have the list available by the end of next week. Kristy Magdlin will distribute a campus wide email when the list is available.

    Staci Sleigh-Layman, Chair, Exempt Employee Association:

    Ms. Sleigh-Layman reported that the EEA bylaw changes were recently passed. The salary code committee has been meeting regularly.

    Becky Watson, Director, Public Relations and Marketing:

    Dr. Watson reported that PR & Marketing has been busy the past week covering stories regarding Washoe. CWU has hit the news nationally and internationally with the story by print and radio. It was very interesting to see the impact that this story has had throughout the world. The memorial for Washoe is Monday, November 12 at 10:00.

    Katie Underwood, ASCWU BOD President:

    Ms. Underwood reported that Wellington's Wildfire and the tailgate party prior to the football game went very well. The BOD is currently researching the possibility of having an Academic Senate. They have talked with other schools regarding structure and will be meeting with the provost to discuss this further. The Washington Student Lobby has set their agenda for the year. Monday's Fireside Chat went really well. Ms. Underwood thanked Mr. Corona for hosting the BOD for dinner last night. She also thanked Dr. Tullos for taking her to the recent NASPA conference. It was a great experience.

    Emily Washines, Chair, Diversity Council:

    Ms. Washines reported that Diversity Council memberships are complete. The group's first meeting is this Friday, November 9 at 3:00.

    Meghan Miller, Dean, College of the Sciences:

    Dean Miller reported that all of the deans are receiving sabbatical requests right now. They will move forward on those requests soon. Department chairs are working hard to organize materials for the accreditation process. Tracy Pellett is working with department chairs on uniform assessment reporting. This common format will support our accreditation process very well. The deans are also working on reappointments of faculty.

    Jeff Snedeker, Chair, Faculty Senate:

    Dr. Snedeker reported that the Faculty Senate meets later today. It promises to be a very exciting meeting. Senate committees are up and running and will be participating in assessment. The Senate is currently researching SEOI's. The executive committee met with the candidates for the AVP for Faculty Relations. They also met with Dave Soltz, Wayne Quirk, and Bob Hickey to clarify the senate's role with regard to collective bargaining. Dr. Snedeker also raised a concern that he received from a faculty member regarding events on campus where alcohol is served. The question is: Are we sending the wrong message to our students? Dr. Tullos clarified that a group is working on these issues and will have a report out soon.

    Kathleen Barlow, Chair Elect, ADCO:

    Dr. Barlow attended for Dr. Kurtz. No report at this time.

    Carmen Rahm, AVP for Information Technology Services:

    Mr. Rahm reported that the committee working on the Spanish web pages has completed their work and they are ready to go live soon. Jesse Days and Leslie Webb spearheaded this project and have done an excellent job. Mr. Rahm is organizing a Kittitas County Public Technology Forum for agencies within the community to get together regularly to share information. The first meeting of this group is December 18.

    Sherer Holter, AVP for Human Resources:

    Ms. Holter reported that Human Resources staff will begin looking at exempt position descriptions soon.

    Dave Heath, Chair, Employee Council:

    Mr. Heath reported that the employee council awarded the Extra Special, Over the Top, Team of the Year Award to Scott Drummond and his Campus Life Activities group yesterday. Dr. McIntyre was present for the award as well.

  4. Executive Reports

    Provost/Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs

    Dr. Soltz announced that CWU did receive continuing accreditation from NCATE with conditions. The reviewers will come back in two years for a focused site visit. Dr. Soltz will announce the Interim Dean of the College of Education and Professional Studies later this week. The search for the Interim Dean of the College of the Sciences will begin soon. The search committee for the AVP for Faculty Relations will have their selection to the Provost by the end of the week. Dr. Quirk met with ADCO recently. The group provided some very good feedback regarding the Faculty Activities Report and agreed to pilot the project. There will be a scholarship workshop session for faculty on November 28. A lot of progress with assessment and accreditation is occurring. Tracy Pellett and Phil Backlund have done a great job making the process user-friendly and understandable. The Repatriation event involving six of the tribes was held last Friday. It was a very moving event. Lourdes Henebry-DeLeon did an outstanding job contributing to this event.

    Vice President for Business & Financial Affairs

    Mr. Corona reported that the Budget Advisory Council meets November 27 to consider the Summer Session 2008 budget. On October 24, the Moody's Investor Service was on campus. The visit went very well. Mr. Corona thanked everyone for his or her participation in this visit. Business and Financial Affairs is conducting a survey to collect feedback on customer service and the services provided in the Financial Affairs' Offices and Departments. The results of this survey will be used to assess customer service needs in BFA. Preparations for bringing down the high-rise buildings are underway. A walk through of the two buildings with potential bidders for the job recently took place.

    Vice President for Student Affairs & Enrollment Management

    Dr. Tullos reported that the new alcohol policy is in draft form and will be going through the approval process soon. Admissions counselors have been traveling and doing a great deal of recruiting. Emily Washines participated in the Portland and Seattle national college fairs recently and got a lot of questions regarding NCATE. The Admissions Open House was very successful. Approximately 600 students and parents attended the event. Dr. Tullos thanked the ASCWU Board of Directors and the Campus Life Activities staff for a successful Homecoming week.

    Vice President for University Relations

    Dr. Baker reported that Doc Hastings has confirmed to be our Eastside commencement speaker. CWU's Alumni Relations office has partnered with Gamache Winery to provide a program called "Wines from Central." CWU will have its name on the Gamache wine label and will offer a package deal to CWU. For ordering information, please email the Alumni office at

    Chief Planning Officer

    Dr. Street reported that the call for capital budget requests has been distributed. Submissions are currently being reviewed and will come to the vice presidents soon. Doc Hastings and Senator Murray were very helpful in getting our wine earmark passed by both the House and the Senate. The first progress report on the climate commitment will be submitted today. The art inventory being conducted by two students is going very well. The search committee for the Director of the Office for Equal Opportunity will be announced soon.


    The Crimson and Black Gala, the Battle in Seattle, and the various Homecoming activities all went very well. Dr. McIntyre met recently with Rob Lowery to review the next edition of the President's Report. She indicated it's a very handsome publication. Dr. McIntyre, W. David Smith, Dave Soltz, Michael Launius, and Bang-Soon Yoon recently went to Korea to visit two of our partnering universities: Ewha Womans University and Kyungdong University. It was a very productive trip. Dr. McIntyre participated in a conference call with COP yesterday. The group discussed the upcoming meeting with Governor Gregoire on December 3.

  5. Information Items

    1. Items for the University Bulletin, President's Report, Central Connections, and other communications
      1. President's Annual Toy Project - University Bulletin
      2. Meghan Miller's appointment
      3. Championship football game this weekend
  6. Old Business

    No old business.

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