President's Advisory Council - May 6, 2009

8:30-10:30 a.m.
Barge 412

Present: Jim Gaudino, Wayne Quirk, Bill Vertrees, Charlotte Tullos, Ellen Hall, Libby Street, Roy Savoian, Jan Bowers, Matt Manweller, Pedro Navarrete, Emily Washines, Mark Lundgren, Becky Watson, Judy Miller, Elaine Ames

Guests: Staci Sleigh-Layman, Sherer Holter, Carmen Rahm

  1. Action Items

    1. Approval of PAC Minutes from April 15, 2009
      Motion to approve the PAC Minutes from April 15, 2009 as presented by Dr. Tullos. Seconded by Dr. Bowers. No further discussion. Motion carried.
    2. Approval of updates to Part 2-2.36 University Speakers Policy
      Motion to approve Part 2-2.36 University Speakers Policy by Dr. Savoian. Seconded by Dr. Hall. Discussion then took place. Dr. Manweller raised two concerns regarding the Event Civility Policy. First, the document does not specify who will enforce the policy, and secondly, he is not comfortable with Student Union Operations employees seeming to be in charge of speakers invited to our campus. The group would like to see the Event Civility procedures before moving forward with this policy. Dr. Manweller added that he is concerned about the language "potentially violate" and wants to know who will be policing this. Mr. Vertrees questioned the legality of the policy and referencing the guidelines of the SURC in this document, which delegates enforcement to Student Union Operations. Dr. Gaudino added that this policy will not prevent another "Gilchrist" event. Dr. Gaudino asked Dr. Street to convene a group to discuss these issues further. Those to attend the meeting include: Dr. Gaudino, Steve Rittereiser, John Drinkwater, Cherie Wilson, Matt Manweller, Pedro Navarrete or designee, Emily Washines, and Keith Champagne.
  2. Discussion Items

    1. Department Name Change: Change "Off Campus/Westside Student Affairs" to "Westside Student Affairs" - Charlotte Tullos
      Dr. Tullos reported that the budget for this department has changed so she would like to drop "off campus" from the name. Dr. Street moved to suspend current rules and move this item to action today. Seconded by Dr. Bowers. Motion to approve the department name change of Off Campus/Westside Student Affairs to Westside Student Affairs by Dr. Tullos. Seconded by Dr. Bowers. No further discussion. Motion carried.
  3. Executive Reports

    Provost/Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs:
    Dr. Quirk complimented the students for their peaceful, organized rally last Friday. He added that if the students feel moved to do something like this again, it would be great to organize something in Olympia in February. Dr. Quirk reported that administration and goods and services will be the cuts in Academic Affairs this next year. Delivery of courses will remain in tact for now. Faculty Senate is taking the lead on identifying efficiencies within Academic Affairs. The state group that is looking at the state's systems design program met recently. They like our center model. A draft plan is due to the Governor Gregoire in November.

    Vice President for Business and Financial Affairs:
    Mr. Vertrees reminded the group that the effects of this budget are going to occur for 3-5 years, not just after 1-2 year2. We need to be planning for several years out. The 2008 Financial Report is available now in print and on the BFA website. The FMS upgrade went very well. Mr. Vertrees commended the entire group for a job well done.

    Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management:
    Dr. Tullos reported that the fall 2009 enrollment numbers look good. The retention task force is meeting regularly. Summer orientation numbers are high. We are going to have a full house. Disability Awareness Week is next week.

    Vice President for University Relations:
    Dr. Hall reported that a reunion for the 50-year classes was held this past weekend. Over 50 graduates attended the event. The search for the VP for University Advancement is underway. The search committee is moving along at a rapid pace in order to be finished by July. A search firm is not being used in order to save on costs. Currently it's just the position that has a name change. However, there may be a division name change later, but not until after the current accreditation process.

    Chief Planning Officer:
    Dr. Street reported that we should receive a response soon regarding our Washington State Quality Award (WSQA) submittal. Our federal proposal for Central Transit has been submitted to Congressman Hastings. The I-90 request was submitted as part of our regional DOT request, but we have not heard anything back on that yet. Only policies that are in Part 2 of the Policies Manual must come to PAC for approval. CWU budget officers continue to meet and work together on budget issues. Dr. Street spent last Monday at the University of Nevada-Reno doing a focused accreditation visit.

    Dr. Gaudino reported that another budget update will be distributed to the campus via email soon. Basically, we've been rebased and will grow from that lower point when the economy turns around. We will not go back to where we were before. Dr. Gaudino mentioned that the last Board of Trustees meeting was difficult for our board members and they rose to the occasion. He added that David Valdez has resigned from the board because he is moving his family to Washington, DC. We hope to have a replacement quickly. A preplanning meeting was held recently to discuss the swine flu. The group talked at length about our response in case of an outbreak in Ellensburg.

  4. For the Good of the Order

    Jan Bowers, Chair, ADCO:
    Dr. Bowers thanked for the BOT meeting being stream lived. It was very helpful for folks who were not able to leave their work areas. SEOI instrument has been reviewed and will be moving forward. Will do some comparisons of the new and old instrument and provide that analysis soon. Met with graduate council and roger regarding who can serve on grad committees. The admin searches document has been submitted to Wayne and Jim. Submitting another grant application to the US Dept of Ed this week.

    Pedro Navarrete, ASCWU BOD President:
    Mr. Navarrete reported that elections are going well. Primaries are tomorrow. A document regarding Greek life has been distributed to Cabinet for review and feedback. The BOD is not sure where they stand yet. Please email or call BOD members if you have questions. The State of the ASCWU Address is June 5 at 6:00 PM in the SURC Theatre.

    Kim Dawson, Administrative Operations Coordinator:
    No report.

    Roy Savoian, Dean, College of Business:
    Dr. Savoian reported that all of the deans are in the process of doing performance adjustments, specified by the faculty CBA, with tenured and tenure track faculty. Recommendations are due to the Provost by May 21. All of the deans are working on budget issues and the plan for increasing student FTE. The College of Business Annual Honors Banquet was May 2. It went well. Dr. Savoian thanked Dr. Tullos for attending and Dr. Gaudino for being the keynote speaker at the event.

    Becky Watson, Director, Public Relations and Marketing:
    Dr. Watson reported that the ROTC event with First Gentlemen, Mike Gregoire, went very well. First Mike is now all about Central. Media surrounding the event was beyond what PR & Marketing ever hoped for. Media surrounding the tuition increase approved by the board was handled very well. Media did an exceptional job covering the stories. She also thanked the students for taking time to talk to the media. The design of the commencement tickets for Westside was distributed for review. Public Relations and Marketing has contracted with a company to produce publications on line. They are moving forward with this method because it is an additional marketing tool to get things out to students sooner and the cost is much less. Dr. Watson recently started a "Twitter" account for CWU. She invited folks to send her one-liners or URLS to add to the site.

    Matt Manweller, Chair, Faculty Senate:
    No report. He had to leave prior to getting to his report.

    Judy Miller, Board Secretary:
    Ms. Miller reported that she will be preparing another board agenda soon. The next meeting is June 12. Ms. Miller reminded the group that an email should go out to the campus regarding the new ruling of hiring student employees. She will work with Sherer Holter to prepare something to be distributed soon.

    Mark Lundgren, Director, Institutional Research:
    Mr. Lundgren suggested a possible research project for graduate students. He would like to see another analysis of high school student transcripts done, focusing on Math level completed prior to college. We now have data migrated from PeopleSoft into the Data Warehouse. An update on the data warehouse will be provided to the Cabinet soon.

    Emily Washines, Chair, Diversity Council:
    Ms. Washines reported that she is working with Marian Lien, Director, Diversity Center and Melanie Palm, Site Director at CWU-Yakima, on a Human Rights event to be held at CWU-Yakima. She will share more details with the group once they are finalized. The main discussion themes that came out of the Diversity Summit were distributed for review and discussion. Preparations for the cultural audit are underway.

    Carmen Rahm, AVP for Information Technology:
    No report. He had to leave prior to getting to his report.

    Sherer Holter, AVP for Human Resources:
    Ms. Holter reported that she is working with Donna Kramer on some programs to help employees with stress, change, etc. The goal is to have these programs available by June.

    Elaine Ames, Chair, Employee Council:
    No report.

    Staci Sleigh-Layman, Chair, EEA Governing Board:
    Ms. Sleigh-Layman reported that the Exempt Employee Association met on Monday. EEA elections are coming up soon. She added that there is a lot of stress out there for employees, so communication is vital.

  5. Information Items

    1. Items for the University Bulletin, President's Report, Central Connections, and other communications
  6. Old Business

No old business.

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