President's Advisory Council - May 16, 2007

8:30-10:30 a.m.
Barge 412

Present: Jerilyn McIntyre, Dave Soltz, Rich Corona, Keith Champagne, Julie Cloninger, Rebecca Bowers, Jeffrey Dippmann, Karen Blair, Dave Heath, Jadon Berry, Judy Miller, Mark Lundgren

Guests: Sherer Holter, Michael Horne, Melody Madlem, Carmen Rahm, Angela Beaudry, Nancy Howard, Staci Sleigh-Layman, Chelsea Krotzer, Katie Underwood.

  1. At 8:30 a.m. (for 15 minutes): Michael Horne regarding Training Curriculum

    1. Michael Horne distributed information regarding Human Resource's new training curriculum. They have put together a curriculum catalog. All of this information is located on the HR web site. They are also introducing an E-Learning program as well. This program is being offered through the Department of Personnel. Most of the classes are available for college credit. There is a one-time fee and then employees have access to over 2700 courses. If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Horne.
  2. At 8:45 a.m. (for 15 minutes): Sherer Holter Exempt Compensation update

    1. Ms. Holter explained that back in February Angela Beaudry presented a proposal on the exempt compensation plan. Human Resources has been doing extensive research on different plans used by various universities. The Exempt Employee Association (EEA) governing board, vice president councils, and other employee groups were given the information and all groups have provided feedback. Concerns have been raised and are being evaluated carefully. is the tool that Human Resources is suggesting to use in addition to CUPA. The EEA governing board suggested trying this plan on a one-year trial basis. This means, we would purchase the tool this summer, Human Resources will do the comparisons and analysis of position descriptions, and complete the entire process by January or February of 2008. A final proposal will come back to PAC after that process for approval. Ms. Holter added that the exempt code may need require revisions due to this process, so that would occur in spring of 2008. The group supported the idea of moving forward with this proposal.
  3. Action Items

    1. Approval of PAC Minutes from 5.2.07
      Motion to approve the PAC minutes from 5.2.07 as presented by Dr. Bowers. Seconded by Dr. Soltz. No further discussion. Motion carried.
  4. For the Good of the Order

    Jadon Berry, ASCWU BOD President:

    Mr. Berry reported that the student commencement speakers and alternates have been selected. Those names will be announced soon. The ASCWU BOD elections went well. Katie Underwood will be next year's president. The Harlem Gospel Choir was here during Family Weekend. It was a great event. Mr. Berry thanked everyone for attending the final Fireside Chat of the year.

    Judy Miller, Board Secretary:

    Ms. Miller distributed the Family and Medical Leave Act Policy (Part 2-2.53) with the suggested changes from last time incorporated into the document. The policy was approved at the last meeting with the expectation that these items would be added. The group had no objections. This policy will now be updated on line. The CWU Naming Policy (Part 2-2.24) was also distributed for review and discussion. Ms. Miller explained that a section was added to policy regarding building plaque names. The group offered suggestions. Any other feedback should be sent to Ms. Miller as soon as possible. The policy will come back to PAC on June 6 for final approval. Board of Trustees agenda items are due to Ms. Miller next week. The board meeting is June 8.

    Kim Dawson, Administrative Operations Coordinator:

    No report.

    Karen Blair, Chair, ADCO:

    Dr. Blair reported that the department chairs are working with the graduate council on graduate thesis issues. They've also been invited by the Provost to offer suggestions to reduce and expedite paperwork flow. Other than that, they are winding down because their group does not meet during the summer.

    Jeffrey Dippmann, Chair, Faculty Senate:

    Dr. Dippmann reported that the faculty senate panel on safety and preparedness in the classroom went very well. The forum was videotaped and will be in available for check out in the Library. The senate executive committee presented at the board meeting and it went very well. Faculty assessment of administrators is complete. The executive committee will be reviewing the comments today. The senate evaluation and assessment committee is currently compiling a morale survey. The executive committee is looking at restructuring in order to get a broader group.

    Dave Heath, Interim Chair, Employee Council:

    Mr. Heath reported that the annual Employee Appreciation Awards are on Tuesday, May 22.

    Becky Watson, Director, Public Relations and Marketing:

    Dr. Watson reported that she recently participated in a tabletop exercise with the Kittitas County Public Health Committee. The scenario revolved around a double disaster. The group discovered that they have come a long way since the first exercise a year ago. Distinctive Destinations occurred downtown last weekend. It was very well attended. The emergency preparedness task force meets today. They will be focusing on communications.

    Rebecca Bowers, Dean, College of Educational and Professional Studies:

    Dr. Bowers reported that the deans and the provost met with Rod Younker to discuss faculty collective bargaining issues. She added that she will be meeting with Cindy Morana from the Council of Presidents' Office in July to discuss how to incorporate Washington Learns into our curriculum

    Mark Lundgren, Director, Institutional Research:

    Mr. Lundgren reported that he, Dr. Street, and Ms. Johnson recently had a conference call with representatives from the other universities and HECB staff regarding developing benchmarks. The HECB wants the comprehensives to come up with a coordinated list of global challenge peers.

    Carmen Rahm, AVP for Information Technology Services:

    Mr. Rahm distributed information regarding the launch of a new Desktop Asset Management System. This system will not only allow ITS to track all computers and software on campus, but it will allow them to provide more proactive service to customers, more accurately track software license compliance, identify computers requiring upgrades and replacements, assist customers with asset inventories, and much more. ITS will hold several open forums to notify the university community of this program.

    Sherer Holter, AVP for Human Resources:

    The HR/SAEM upgrade is going well. Staff in many departments have worked very hard on this process. Letters will be going out soon to employees receiving salary increases. The annual Employee Appreciation Awards is Tuesday, May 22 at 1:30 in the Student Union Ballroom.

  5. Executive Reports

    1. Provost/Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs
      Dr. Soltz reminded the group that SOURCE is tomorrow, May 17. This is the largest and most diverse group we've had. There are over 160 exhibits. The keynote address at the lunch will be by David Coffmann. Honors Convocation and Commencement are coming up. Students attending Honors Convocation have been notified by letter that a cap and gown is suggested, but not required. Academic Affairs is preparing for the reopen of the faculty collective bargaining agreement. Negotiations begin in June. The Leadership Ellensburg group will be visiting campus this Friday afternoon. Dr. Soltz announced that Dr. Matthew Altman has been appointed as the interim director of the William O. Douglas Honors College.
    2. Vice President for Business & Financial Affairs
      Mr. Corona reported that facilities management folks are working hard to get the campus ready for commencement. He commended them on doing a wonderful job. Dean Hall will go out to bid the middle of June. The Governor signed the budget yesterday.
    3. Vice President for Student Affairs & Enrollment Management
      Mr. Champagne reported for Dr. Tullos. The May program sweeps are underway. Many events are happening in SAEM and all around campus. Family Weekend went very well.
    4. Vice President for University Relations
      Ms. Cloninger reported for Dr. Baker. The Foundation Board met last Friday in Seattle. The Athletic Hall of Fame Banquet is this Sunday in the SURC Ballroom. There will be an Art Dedication and Alumni event on May 23 at CWU-Wenatchee. The Foundation participated in Family Weekend. They had a table in the SURC and provided information to parents.
    5. Executive Assistant
      No report. Dr. Street is consulting for Morningside Academy today.
    6. President
      Dr. McIntyre reported that we had the first State of Diversity Address on Monday. It went well. The annual Army ROTC/AFROTC Presidential Day Retreat is this Friday, May 18.
  6. Information Items

    1. Items for the University Bulletin, President's Report, Central Connections, and other communications
    • College of Arts and Humanities Awards Banquet - University Bulletin
    • Evening of Recognition Awards - University Bulletin
  7. Old Business

    No old business.

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