President's Advisory Council - March 5, 2008

8:30-10:30 a.m.
Barge 412

Present: Jerilyn McIntyre, Wayne Quirk, Rich Corona, Charlotte Tullos, Libby Street, Marji Morgan, Judy Miller, Katie Underwood, David Heath, Shelly Johnson, Becky Watson, Jeff Snedeker

Guests: Sherer Holter, Carmen Rahm, Jim Armstrong, Staci Sleigh-Layman

Dr. McIntyre welcomed Dr. Quirk to the group. This is his first PAC meeting as Provost.

  1. Action Items

    1. Approval of PAC Minutes from 2.20.08
      Motion to approve the PAC Minutes from 2.20.08 as presented by Mr. Corona. Seconded by Dr. Street. No further discussion. Motion carried.
  2. Discussion Items

    1. Department Name Change: Department of Geography & Land Studies to Department of Geography
      Dr. Quirk reported that the department voted unanimously to change their name from Department of Geography and Land Studies to Department of Geography. Academic Affairs Council approved the name change yesterday. PAC members agreed to move this item to action. Motion to approve the department name change as presented by Dr. Tullos. Seconded by Ms. Underwood. No further discussion. Motion carried.
  3. For the Good of the Order

    Judy Miller, Board Secretary:

    Ms. Miller reported that this week she is focusing on details for Friday's Board of Trustees meeting.

    Marji Morgan, Dean, College of Arts and Humanities:

    Dr. Morgan reported that the deans are currently looking at enrollment management data. They have also developed a team teaching policy that will be forwarded to Academic Affairs Council soon. All of the deans are involved in faculty searches, evaluating faculty in their first year, and reviewing post tenure and promotion and tenure files. The wind ensemble performs tomorrow night at 7:00 p.m. and the Winter Quarter Jazz Nite is Friday at 7:00 p.m. A catalog of the Alumni Art Exhibition from a couple of years ago has been funded and will be printed soon. Another Alumni Art Exhibition is planned for April 2010.

    David Heath, Chair, Employee Council:

    Mr. Heath reminded the group that daylight savings time is this Sunday. Facilities management employees will conduct fire alarm testing over spring break. Announcements will be distributed by campus wide email. Colleen Rose recently retired from Human Resources. She supported Employee Council for many years. She will be missed.

    Becky Watson, Director, Public Relations & Marketing:

    Dr. Watson reported that current news items include: The annual Women's Achievement Celebration to honor the accomplishments of women, the CWU Mammoth Dig on the History Channel, Sunday, March 9, 2008, and the approved funding to establish CWU's Wine Quality Testing and Education Initiative. Public Relations and Marketing continues to run a series of radio, print ads, and web streaming focusing on university branding and the university centers.

    Katie Underwood, ASCWU BOD President:

    Ms. Underwood reported that issues with the recent immigration lecture are settling down. The ASCWU Board of Directors sent out a neutral statement to all students regarding the event. Election packets will be available today, so the BOD is gearing up for elections soon.

    Jeff Snedeker, Chair, Faculty Senate:

    Dr. Snedeker reported that Faculty Senate meets today. The agenda will focus on items that need to be ready for this Friday's Board of Trustees meeting. Faculty Senate has been working closely with the Provost's Office on issues with part 5 of the policies manual. Updates will come to PAC soon.

    Kathleen Barlow, Chair, ADCO:

    Dr. Barlow reported that ADCO met on Monday. Wayne Quirk, Tracy Pellett, and Ian Quitadamo attended the meeting to get the group up to speed on assessment. Dennis Defa attended as well and gave an update on faculty collective bargaining. The group also discussed issues with academic advising and workload and activity reports.

    Shelly Johnson, Director, Budget Planning:

    Ms. Johnson reported that the budget office is busy responding to routine requests.

    Jim Armstrong, Director, Alumni Relations:

    Mr. Armstrong reported that the Alumni Office will be offering another wine package soon. Amy Mumma will be working on a special blend just for CWU. They are also thinking about having one of the graphic design classes design the wine label.

    Carmen Rahm, AVP for Information Technology Services:

    Mr. Rahm reported that the CWU Student Technology Committee is currently accepting applications for their annual technology grant program. Applications are due by 5:00 p.m. on Friday, April 4, 2008. The all campus computer outages will be April 5 and 12, 2008. Reminders will be posted on the intranet and email notifications will be distributed campus wide. The Barge Hall rewiring project started this week. The RFP for an alert notification system closed today. The hope is that they will be able to award a contract some time in April. Mr. Rahm distributed a campus-wide email yesterday regarding spam email. Feedback has been positive.

    Sherer Holter, AVP for Human Resources:

    Ms. Holter reported that effective March 1, 2008, temporary or hourly employees who work more than half time (522 hours) six months or more per year will be eligible for benefits. She reminded the group to keep these types of employees working only 19 hours per week.

    Staci Sleigh-Layman, Chair, Exempt Employee Association:

    No report.

  4. Executive Reports

    Provost/Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs:

    Dr. Quirk thanked the group for a jovial welcome. Dr. Quirk reported that a group has been working on the enrollment management plan and how to deal with high demand issues and how to accommodate new student FTE. The search for the Dean of the College of the Sciences is underway and Dean Morgan will chair the search. An internal search for the AVP for Graduate Studies and Research will be gearing up soon. Dennis Defa will chair that committee.

    Vice President for Business & Financial Affairs & University Relations:

    Mr. Corona asked Jen Gray and Jim Armstrong to give quick reports for University Relations. Jen Gray reported that the campaign has reached $20.5M. Mr. Armstrong announced that paid members in the alumni association has doubled in the last year. His goal is to double the current number of memberships again this next year. Mr. Corona reported that the $250,000 match from the State was received last week for an endowed professorship. A SEPA public meeting for Student Village was held last week. March 15 is the deadline for folks to submit questions on the process. A public meeting on Courson and Muzzall Halls will be held some time the first of April. Legislative session ends next week, but the Governor has until April 5 to sign bills.

    Vice President for Student Affairs & Enrollment Management:

    Dr. Tullos congratulated Katie Underwood on her acceptance to graduate school at the University of Arizona. The annual Women's Achievement Celebration is tonight. Dr. Tullos stated that as soon as new class sections are added to the spring schedule, students will be notified by email and intranet announcements.

    Chief Planning Officer:

    Dr. Street reported that Pedro Navarette has convened a group to discuss integration of recycling programs on campus. The group has met twice and a policy will come to PAC soon for review and approval. The administrative assistants in each of the divisions are working on updates to the CWU Policies Manual. The goal is to have all revisions and reorganization of the manual in place by the time a new president is on board. Dr. McIntyre will be traveling to Washington, DC in early April, so Dr. Street is currently working with CWU´s federal legislative consultants on topics to discuss with federal legislators while she's there. The NWCCU accreditation groups will be arranging meetings with several constituents on campus to gather feedback for the process. The Washington State Senate honored Dr. McIntyre with a resolution last Friday for her service to the university and the State of Washington.


    Dr. McIntyre reported that Cabinet had their winter quarter retreat last week. The group focused on planning, internal controls, and budget issues for next session. Dr. McIntyre is currently working with a firm called Registry for College and University Presidents. This firm provides transitional candidates for interim senior administration positions. Dr. McIntyre hopes to have candidates for the Interim Vice President for University Relations on campus soon. The student commencement speaker selection process will be underway soon. Dr. McIntyre was in Olympia twice last week for a number of visits with legislators. The Council of Presidents has agreed on a distribution for distinguished professorships and CWU will receive one more.

  5. Information Items

    1. Items for the University Bulletin, President's Report, Central Connections, and other communications
      1. Alumni Wine Package - University Bulletin
      2. History Book Project - press release
  6. Old Business

    No old business.

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