President's Advisory Council - June 4, 2008

8:30-10:30 a.m.
Barge 412

Present: Jerilyn McIntyre, Wayne Quirk, Rich Corona, Charlotte Tullos, Ellen Hall, Libby Street, Marji Morgan, Shelly Johnson, Kathleen Barlow, Jeff Snedeker, Becky Watson, Emily Washines, Cindy Hunt, Judy Miller, Katie Underwood

Guests: Sherer Holter, Staci Sleigh-Layman, Jack Baker, John Drinkwater

Dr. McIntyre thanked the council members who will be rotating off this summer (Kathleen Barlow, Jeff Snedeker, and Katie Underwood).

  1. Action Items
    1. Approval of PAC Minutes from May 21, 2008
      Motion to approve the PAC minutes from May 21, 2008 as presented by Dr. Tullos. Seconded by Dr. Morgan. No further discussion. Motion carried.
    2. Student Conduct Code - Jack Baker
      Dr. Baker distributed the updated version of the Student Conduct Code. He added that the section on Student Clubs was left out this time. SAEM decided to review and update that section next year. The only changes to the document are that the suggestions that were made at the last meeting have been incorporated. Kim Loranz has reviewed the document and her suggestions have been incorporated as well. Motion to approve the Student Conduct Code as amended by Dr. Street. Seconded by Mr. Corona. Ms. Miller added that the Washington Administrative Code (WAC) has certain style requirements, so those editorial changes will need to be made as well. No further discussion. Motion carried.
    3. Approval of the following policies (reviewed and discussed May 21, 2008):
      1. Background Check Policy
      2. Training and Development Policy
      3. Promotional Policy
      4. Family and Medical Leave Act Policy
      5. Leave Policy
      6. Military Leave Policy
      7. Probationary/Trial Service Policy

    Ms. Holter stated that the background check policy, the training and development policy, and the promotional policy were the only policies that she received feedback/comments on. She incorporated those suggestions. The remainder of the policies did not have any changes. Motion to approve all of the policies above as presented by Dr. Hall. Seconded by Mr. Corona. No further discussion. Motion carried.

  2. Discussion Items

    1. Civility Acknowledgment and Guidelines - John Drinkwater
      Mr. Drinkwater distributed the updated version of the University Event Civility Acknowledgement. He received feedback from Kim Loranz since the last meeting and that information is incorporated in this revised version. Dr. Snedeker suggested that this document be included in the CWU Policies Manual with a reference or link to these guidelines. PAC members reviewed and discussed the document and offered additional revisions. The additional revisions will be made and the document will come back to PAC this summer.
  3. For the Good of the Order

    Shelly Johnson, Director, Budget Planning:

    Ms. Johnson reported that phase one of the operating budget request is due next week. The instructions indicate that we must address fee increases in our request. Ms. Johnson and Bill Vertrees attended a Capital Forum Committee meeting in Olympia yesterday. Later today, we should receive criteria from OFM on how they will score our capital projects.

    Judy Miller, Board Secretary:

    Ms. Miller reported that a special Board of Trustees meeting will be held today to approve the bonding of the new residence hall. The regular Board of Trustees meeting is this Friday, June 6. Ms. Miller distributed the Use and Management of Media Equipment, the Class Size Policy, and the Academic Fee Policies. Academic Affairs recently approved these policies. The flag lowering policy was distributed as well. PAC members offered comments and feedback on each of the policies. They will all be brought back for final approval on July 2. Academic Affairs recently approved a name change for the Office of Faculty Affairs to the Office of Faculty Relations. Ms. Miller asked if this item could be moved to action. Motion to move the proposed name change to action and approve as presented by Dr. Hall. Seconded by Dr. Morgan. No further discussion. Motion carried.

    Kathleen Barlow, Chair, ADCO:

    Dr. Barlow reported that ADCO meets for the last time on Friday, June 6. They will be discussing training and compensation for department chairs.

    Cindy Hunt, Vice Chair, Employee Council:

    Ms. Hunt reported that Rebecca Huss, program coordinator at University Housing and New Student Programs, was selected at the May 2008 Civil Service Employee of the Month. Employee Council is currently establishing subcommittees to discuss topics of concern.

    Becky Watson, Director, Public Relations and Marketing:

    Dr. Watson reported that she will attend Honors Convocation and all commencement ceremonies and will be connecting with the media at each of the events. A news story on commencement will go out today. The story features the CWU Class of 2008. Public Relations and Marketing is finishing up publications for fall. The University Catalog is going to press this week. Alumni Relations will be giving away CWU license plates at commencement.

    Emily Washines, Chair, Diversity Council:

    Ms. Washines reported that 84 years ago on June 2, American Indians became citizens. The Diversity Council recently developed a subcommittee to discuss campus climate issues. The Black Student Union (BSU) graduation was Monday.

    Marji Morgan, Dean, College of Arts and Humanities:

    Dr. Morgan reported that the deans have submitted their budget requests to the Provost. All of the colleges are wrapping up faculty searches. They will be turning their attention to reviewing non-tenure track faculty. The deans are also working on developing online and hybrid courses at the University Centers. All of the colleges are gearing up for commencement events.

    Jeff Snedeker, Chair, Faculty Senate:

    Dr. Snedker reported that this has been a very productive year for Faculty Senate. A new dispute resolution policy will go to the Board of Trustees this week as a discussion item. They have also proposed some adjustments to the Distinguished Professor Awards. At the last Senate meeting, the framework for beginning the discussion of reform to general education was passed. Faculty were recently asked to participate in a survey regarding assessment and assessment of the Senate Executive Committee went out to all senators as well. Many year-end committee reports are coming in. Faculty will meet with the Board of Trustees at their first meeting this fall. Matt Manweller will take over as Senate Chair this summer and will attend PAC meetings. Dr. Snedeker thanked Dr. McIntyre and the rest of the PAC members for giving faculty a voice at this table.

    Katie Underwood, ASCWU BOD President:

    Ms. Underwood reported that the current board of directors are wrapping up and moving out of their offices. They are all excited and sad at the same time. The last BOD meeting was yesterday and the bylaws were approved. The ASCWU State of the Association is Thursday, June 5 at 5:30 pm in the SURC Pit. The Student Academic Senate is fully approved and applications are currently being accepted for fall.

  4. Executive Reports

    Provost/Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs:

    Dr. Quirk reported that next year's One Book, One Campus book has been selected. This I Believe has been selected and will be available this summer. Over 270 presentations were included at SOURCE this year. The event was a huge success. The SOURCE committee will be reworking logistics of the event and may add another day. Dr. McIntyre hosted a reception yesterday for grant writers. Dr. Quirk added that CWU has very successful grant writers. We had approximately 8.4 million in grant activity this year. Dr. Quirk will attend Honors Convocation and all commencement ceremonies.

    Vice President for Business and Financial Affairs:

    Mr. Corona reported that the bonds for the new residence hall were offered this morning. The bids were really good. They went out to market this morning. Final numbers are currently being crunched. We will have the final percentage later today and the Board of Trustees will conduct a special meeting later today to approve the bonds. Deconstruction of Muzzall Hall will take place on June 14 at 7:00 a.m. Courson will come down the following Saturday, June 21. Becky Watson will be provided with day-to-day information to keep the media up to date. Mr. Corona recently received a memo from the Office of Financial Management (OFM) recommending that state agencies try to save fuel and control travel costs by carpooling, teleconferencing, or videoconferencing for meetings. This initiative will be shared with the entire campus community.

    Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management:

    Dr. Tullos reported that the Discover Orientations are looking good. So far, 860 students have signed up to attend. Housing numbers look great. The Office of Financial Aid continues to award financial aid. The TEACH scholarships are going to be great for CWU. The Bill Gates ACE Achievers will be on campus at the end of this month.

    Vice President for University Relations:

    Dr. Hall reported that the campaign is complete and we surpassed our original goal. She congratulated Dr. McIntyre, Jen Gray, and the entire Development staff on a job well done. University Relations staff have completed updates to their section of the CWU Policies Manual. Dr. Hall is currently working on budgets in her division. The Assistant Director of Event Services search is coming to a conclusion. Dr. Hall thanked Dr. McIntyre for the opportunity to attend the Hispanic Academic Achievers Program (HAAP) last Friday. She indicated that it was a very inspiring event.

    Chief Planning Officer:

    Dr. Street reported that she has spent a majority of her time recently on our performance agreement. Dr. Quirk will share our draft with the other provosts tomorrow at the ICAO meeting. The other Dr. Street retires as of Friday, June 6. The Department of Psychology recently had a wonderful celebration for him.


    Dr. McIntyre reminded the group that our budget presentation to the Higher Education Coordinating Board (HECB) is coming up on July 21. We will need to begin preparing our presentation soon.

  5. Information Items

    1. Items for the University Bulletin, President's Report, Central Connections, and other communications
  6. Old Business

    No old business.

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