President's Advisory Council - June 2, 2010

Barge Hall - 412
8:30 AM

Ex-Officio members: Jim Gaudino, Bill Vertrees, Charlotte Tullos, Sherer Holter, Tracy Pellett for Wayne Quirk, Roy Savoian, Matt Cziske, Loran Cutsinger, James Schwing, Elaine Ames

Ex-Officio Advisory, Non Voting members: Patricia Cutright, Ed Day, Bob Hickey, Kirk Johnson, Connie Lambert, Deb Schriber-Barkley for Dennis Defa, Scherry Sinclair for Shelly Johnson, Staci Sleigh-Layman, John Swiney, Bob Tosch, Becky Watson

Guests: Tracy Terrell, Col. John Armour, Major Matthew Wilson

  1. Col. John Armour/AFROTC - Overview of Air Force ROTC Program

    Dr. Gaudino introduced Col. John Armour and Maj. Matthew Wilson from CWU's Air Force ROTC program. Col. Armour gave an overview of the program. The Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFROTC) is an education program designed to give students the opportunity to become United States Air Force officers while completing a college degree. The Air Force ROTC program prepares students to assume important positions of increasing responsibility in the modern Air Force. Basically, they create officers/leaders. Their main training event for students is a 4-week program between the freshmen and sophomore years. After that students start learning their leadership skills. They have a decent amount of scholarships for the program. Approximately 25% percent of their students attend on scholarships. There are about 40-50 specializations in the program. Non flying officers give a 4-year commitment. CWU also offers two-year and three-year programs for community college transfers, veterans, and students who didn't enroll in the four-year program. When students complete Air Force ROTC and graduate with a bachelor's degree, they will be commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the United States Air Force.

  2. Action Items

    1. Approval of PAC Minutes from May 5, 2010
      Motion to approved the PAC Minutes from May 5, 2010 as presented by Sherer Holter. Seconded by Matt Cziske. No further discussion. Motion carried.
  3. Information Items

    No information items to review at this time.

  4. University Policies to Recommend for Approval

    1. CWUP 2-60-050 Center for Teaching and Learning Advisory Council - Wayne Quirk
      Tracy Pellett reported for Wayne Quirk. Tracy explained that the changes to the Center for Teaching and Learning Advisory Council better reflect who is actually on the committee. Basically the changes are just title changes. There are no substantial changes to the actual policy. Motion to endorse the Center for Teaching and Learning Advisory Council as presented by Sherer Holter. Seconded by Bill Vertrees. Presidential approval June 2, 2010.
  5. University Procedures Reviewed

    1. CWUR 3-40-530 Key Issuance Procedures - Bill Vertrees
      Bill Vertrees explained the major pieces of the key issuances procedures. He added that a Key Risk Assessment group has been added to the procedure. This group will handle all issues dealing with university keys. Appeals to any decision made by this group may be addressed to the Vice President for Business and Financial Affairs. Motion to endorse the Key Issuance Procedures as presented by Sherer Holter. Seconded by Loran Cutsinger. Presidential approval June 2, 2010.
  6. Departmental Policies/Procedures Reviewed

    1. Program Participant Meals Purchased with the CWU Connection Card Procedures - Bill Vertrees
      Bill Vertrees explained that the major change to this departmental procedure is to change a title. We no longer have an Assistant Director for Dining Services, so this was changed to the Director for Dining Services. Motion to endorse the Program Participant Meals Purchased with the CWU Connection Card procedures as presented by Charlotte Tullos. Seconded by Sherer Holter. PAC endorsed June 2, 2010.

Other Announcements:

Jim Gaudino: The Carmina Burana Music event at Benaroya Hall was remarkable. If you get a chance, the same performance will be held on campus this Sunday, June 6 at 4:00 PM in the Music Building Concert Hall.

Staci Sleigh-Layman: the music at yesterday's Memorial Ceremony was fabulous.

Thank you Col. Armour for providing the refreshments for today's meeting.

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