President's Advisory Council - January 16, 2008

8:30-10:30 a.m.
Barge 412

Present: Jerilyn McIntyre, Anne Denman, Rich Corona, Charlotte Tullos, Paul Baker, Libby Street, Marji Morgan, Kathleen Barlow, Jeff Snedeker, Becky Watson, Shelly Johnson, Pat Devlin, Emily Washines, Judy Miller

Guests: Sherer Holter, Carmen Rahm, Staci Sleigh-Layman

  1. Action Items

    1. Approval of PAC Minutes from 1.2.08
      Motion to approve the PAC Minutes from 1.2.08 as presented by Mr. Corona. Seconded by Dr. Morgan. No further discussion. Motion carried.
  2. For the Good of the Order

    Shelly Johnson, Director, Budget Planning:

    Ms. Johnson reported that the Budget Office is busy responding to HECB requests and numerous fiscal notes from legislative staff.

    Kathleen Barlow, Chair, ADCO:

    Dr. Barlow reported that ADCO had their first meeting of the quarter. Jeff Snedeker attended and the group discussed the importance of communication between ADCO and Faculty Senate.

    Pat Devlin, President, Local 330:

    Mr. Devlin explained that he is representing union and employee council members at PAC this quarter. He reported that facilities management staff are working hard to keep the buildings maintained during this cold weather. Dr. McIntyre thanked facilities management staff for keeping the walkways and sidewalks around campus plowed and safe for walking.

    Becky Watson, Director, Public Relations and Marketing:

    Dr. Watson reported that KPLU hosted a graduate degree fair last Wednesday. She, Emily Washines, and Dusty Brady attended as CWU representatives. The most popular degree that students inquired about was Biology. Public Relations and Marketing is gearing up for their busiest time of the year. They are working on recruitment publications and preparing for commencement.

    Emily Washines, Chair, Diversity Council:

    Ms. Washines reported that Glenna Bain has left the university, so she is currently looking for a replacement to fill that position on the Diversity Council.

    Marji Morgan, Dean, College of Arts and Humanities:

    Dr. Morgan reported that the deans are beginning to talk about University 101 and the need to re-think the course. They continue to work on assessment tools. Activity reports are due to the deans soon. Overload pay for faculty is being reviewed. High demand fields continue to be an area that the deans review regularly.

    Judy Miller, Board Secretary:

    Ms. Miller distributed two policies for review and discussion. The first policy discussed was the Faculty/Exempt Staff Retention Policy (Part 2-2.48). PAC reviewed the policy December 5, 2007 and January 2, 2008 and feedback was given both times. Ms. Miller explained that the policy must include faculty because the CBA refers specifically to this policy. Motion to approve the policy as presented by Ms. Miller. Seconded by Dr. Street. No further discussion. Motion carried. The policy review committee will look at the procedures that go along with this policy and Ms. Miller will report back.

    The second policy discussed was the Recruitment, Retention, and Hiring policy (Part 2-2.55). Ms. Miller explained that the group reviewed the document on January 2, 2008 and suggested some changes to the policy. The suggested changes from that meeting have been incorporated into the policy. Motion to approve the policy as presented by Ms. Miller. Seconded by Mr. Corona. No further discussion. Motion carried. Ms. Miller is currently preparing the Board of Trustees agenda. The next meeting is February 1, 2008.

    Jeff Snedeker, Chair, Faculty Senate:

    Dr. Snedeker reported that the Faculty Senate and United Faculty of Central will co-host a forum for non-tenure track faculty on Wednesday, February 13, from 4:00-5:00 p.m. in Barge 412. The purpose of this forum is to hear concerns and issues from non-tenure track faculty. The election process for Faculty Senators and executive committee members will begin soon. The senate has asked faculty for feedback on the advising hold process. Dr. Snedeker will report back on that soon. ADCO and Faculty Senate are working together on communication issues. The senate meets February 6. Some code changes will come forward at that meeting. A catalog summit meeting is scheduled for January 29. The group will be looking at print deadlines and how they impact procedures. Basically the meeting is to get everyone involved in the university catalog on the same page. Dr. Snedeker also reported that the senate would like to be involved in the Academic Assessment Committee as much as possible.

    Sherer Holter, AVP for Human Resources:

    No report.

    Carmen Rahm, AVP for Information Technology Services:

    Mr. Rahm reminded the group to stop by SURC 137 between January 16-18 to evaluate tablet PC's. ITS is asking for feedback from university faculty, staff, and students on a standard for the university. A summary of email volumes was distributed for review and discussion. Mr. Rahm wanted folks to know that we do not see about 80% of spam email. There was an outage yesterday in the GroupWise admin post office. ITS staff worked hard to get the system back up, but it took a few hours.

    Staci Sleigh-Layman, Chair, Exempt Employee Association:

    No report.

  3. Executive Reports

    Provost/Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs:

    Dr. Denman reported that she continues to meet with her direct reports on a regular basis. The deans and academic affairs staff have been working diligently on the HECB Capacity Study and issues with high demand areas.

    Vice President for Business & Financial Affairs:

    Mr. Corona reported that the state auditors are on campus conducting their annual audit. They will complete their report by the end of the month. Assessment efforts in Business and Financial Affairs are progressing. They have developed a good model that might be able to be used by the rest of the university. Mr. Corona is going to Olympia today to testify at the House regarding the supplemental budget. He will also attend the appropriations committee meeting tomorrow.

    Vice President for Student Affairs & Enrollment Management:

    Dr. Tullos reported that admissions recently mailed 4000 letters to prospective students regarding the Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE). Another 7000 letters will be going out to new freshmen soon. We are currently up 16% in applications for fall 2008 from this time last year. SAEM staff are working diligently on spring enrollments. Housing occupation is close to capacity. Dr. Tullos thanked departments and staff members who made personal calls to students who were eligible to return winter quarter, but hadn't pre-registered. The process went very smoothly.

    Vice President for University Relations:

    Dr. Baker reported that the next Foundation Board meeting is Friday, January 25, 2008 at Safeco Field. The group will elect a new board member, Doug Cochran, and Katie Underwood will give a presentation on her internship. Due to low numbers, Alumni Relations has canceled the trip to France.

    Chief Planning Officer:

    Dr. Street reported that she is working with our federal legislative consultants to outline CWU's federal legislative agenda for the next year. She reminded folks that if they have any contact with federal or state legislators, she should be copied on the correspondence. The University Assessment Committee continues to meet. The Spheres of Distinction RFP was distributed yesterday.


    Dr. McIntyre asked the group to send names to Dr. Street for a group that will convene to talk about the registration issues that occurred this fall. Tracy Pellett will lead the group. Dr. McIntyre, Rich Corona, and Ann Anderson met recently with the Yakima Herald editorial board. It was a good visit. The group had several questions regarding CWU's Wine Program. Dr. McIntyre reported that she is teaching COM 333 (Communication Ethics) this quarter. The search for CWU's football coach is underway. The search will move quickly because this is the time coaches need to be actively recruiting. The legislative session is underway.

  4. At 10:15 a.m.: Phil Backlund regarding NWCCU Accreditation

    1. Dr. Backlund was unable to join President's Advisory Council, so his report will be given at Cabinet.
  5. Information Items

    Items for the University Bulletin, President’s Report, Central Connections, and other communications
    Spheres of Distinction RFP - University Bulletin

  6. Old Business

    No old business.

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