President's Advisory Council - February 2, 2011

Barge Hall - 412
8:30 AM

Ex-Officio members: Jim Gaudino, Marilyn Levine, George Clark, Sherer Holter, Wendy Bohrson, Rodney Bransdorfer, Matt Cziske, Kirk Johnson, Lucy Rolfe

Ex-Officio Advisory, Non Voting members: Shelly Baird, Sandy Colson, Ed Day, Dennis Defa, Kirk Eslinger, Roger Fouts, Jen Gray, Bob Hickey, Mark Lundgren, Marji Morgan, Tracy Pellett, Staci Sleigh-Layman, John Swiney, Tracy Terrell

Guests: Kandee Cleary, Kathy Gaer-Carlton

  1. Presentations
    1. Kandee Cleary - Inclusiveness
      Kandee began by explaining what inclusiveness really means. Inclusiveness is about addressing ALL members of the local and extended CWU Community. It's about including people rather than excluding them, and creating a hospitable and welcoming environment. It's very important to promote an environment that is dignified and non-discriminatory and to understand the needs of CWU's staff, faculty and students as well as the larger community.
      What's the difference between diversity and inclusiveness?
      Diversity helps us learn about ourselves and others and refers to the variety of differences between people in an organization. It not only involves how people perceive themselves, but how they perceive others.
      Inclusiveness focuses on building trust by promoting understanding, commonalities and breaking down prejudice. It revolves around valuing those we serve inside and outside CWU, students, and those we work with.
    2. Tracy Pellett - Student Learning Assessment & General Education
      Tracy reported that assessment of student learning is an essential function of CWU's efforts to evaluate student knowledge, skills, and dispositions as well as overall academic and institutional effectiveness. We conduct 17 different accreditations on this campus across the spectrum. In addition, we conduct institutional surveys (NSSE), five-year comprehensive program reviews, and yearly reviews on student learning. We have 117 academic degree programs and could be up to 119 very soon.
      General education at CWU focuses on the following guiding principles: departmental and disciplinary ownership, transfer issues (when and where developed), efficiency in the process (course embedded), minimizing organizational overhead, using current reporting structures, and assessing a limited number of general education areas each year. The CWU general education program is intended to provide students with a liberal arts education that promotes effective reasoning, broad and deep learning, and the inclination to inquire.
      Responsibility for assessing general education at CWU spans several institutional levels: individual faculty, departments, centers, colleges, the office of undergraduate studies, and institutional committees (Academic Assessment; General Education). Please refer to the Undergraduate Studies webpage of the Associate Provost to review reports on assessment and general education.
  2. Information Items
    1. CWU Event Summary - February 2011
      Jim reminded folks of the February 3 PASS event: Nancy King and Steve Christofferson with CWU Chamber Orchestra and Jazz Band I. He added that the men's and women's basketball teams are doing really well. This Saturday, February 5, CWU hosts a basketball doubleheader and it's "Pink Zone" to support breast cancer awareness. Remember to wear pink. The Museum of Culture and Environment will unveil the exhibit "Sacred Spaces" on February 3 at 3:00 PM. BOT Chair Sid Morrison and Rex Buck, Jr., Wanapum, will introduce the exhibit. If you would like to include an event on the March 2011 Event Summary, please contact Jody Baxter at
  3. Action Items
    Approval of PAC Minutes from January 5, 2011
    Motion to approve the PAC Minutes from January 5, 2011 as presented by Sherer Holter. Seconded by Matt Cziske. No further discussion. Motion carried.
  4. University Policies to Recommend for Approval
    1. CWUP 2-20-070 Student Records - The Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA) - Tracy Terrell
      Tracy explained the changes to the FERPA policy. Basically we added some language on health and safety, a domestic and international terrorism piece, language on crimes of violence, clarified the directory information/release of information piece, and cleaned up some title changes. Motion to endorse CWUP 2-20-070 Student Records/FERPA policy as presented by Kirk Johnson. Seconded by Sherer Holter. Presidential approval February 2, 2011.
    2. CWUP 2-30-030 Distinguished Service Recognition - Civil Service and Exempt Employees - Sherer Holter
      Sherer reported that the only change to this policy is adding president emeritus status as eligible for the same benefits as civil service and exempt employees upon retirement. Motion to endorse by acclamation. Presidential approval February 2, 2011.
    3. CWUP 2-50-050 Flag Lowering - Sherer Holter
      Sherer explained that the Flag Lowering Policy and Flag Protocol have been merged into one policy now called CWUP 2-50-050 Flag Protocol. With one addition and some minor numbering changes, motion to endorse by acclamation. Presidential approval February 2, 2011.
  5. University Procedures Reviewed
    1. Inclusivity/Diversity Planning Process and Timeline & Inclusivity/Diversity Council Bylaws - Kandee Cleary
      Kandee explained that the purpose of the Inclusivity/Diversity Council (IDC) is to support the creation, improvement, and nurturance of the dynamic, creative, and inclusive environment that promotes engaged learning and scholarship and supports the mission and vision of CWU. Bylaws have been developed and are similar to the structure of the Faculty Senate. Membership is representative on campus and in the community. There is an executive committee and four subcommittees: internal committee, incident discussion committee, campus community committee, and external committee. Currently, the subcommittees are working on action plans and developing a University Diversity Strategic Plan by March for review by the President and President's Advisory Council. Then work will begin on developing department and program diversity plans. All of the council's work will be available on the Inclusivity/Diversity Webpage, which will be up and running soon.
    2. CWUR 1-60-045 Flag Protocol (now merged with CWUP 2-50-050) - Sherer Holter
      This procedure has been merged with CWUP 2-50-050 and is now the policy is titled Flag Protocol.
  6. Departmental Policies/Procedures Reviewed
    No departmental policies/procedures to review at this time.

Next meeting: March 2, 2011

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