President's Advisory Council - December 2, 2009

Barge Hall - 412
8:30 AM

Present: James Gaudino, Wayne Quirk, Bill Vertrees, Charlotte Tullos, Libby Street, Sherer Holter, John Swiney, Matt Cziske, Roy Savoian, Keith James, Anthony Peterson, Steve Rittereiser, Wendy Rittereiser, Kirk Eslinger, Mark Lundgren, Elaine Ames, Jack Baker, Judy Miller, Shelly Johnson, Tracy Pellett, Loran Cutsinger, Connie Lambert, Ed Day, Jim Schwing, Staci Sleigh-Layman, Phil Tolin, Pat Devlin, Jen Gray, Marji Morgan, Dennis Defa, Bob Hickey, Bill Yarwood

  1. Action Items

    1. Approval of PAC Minutes from November 4, 2009
      Motion to approve the PAC Minutes from November 4, 2009 as presented by Sherer Holter. Seconded Matt Cziske. No further discussion. Motion carried.
  2. Information Items

    1. Division Name Change: University Relations to University Advancement - Libby Street
      Libby explained that this is a change in name only, not structure. Roy Savoian endorsed the proposed name change. Seconded by Wayne Quirk. No further discussion.
    2. Reducing Expenditures - Bill Vertrees
      Bill summarized the data that is included in the packet. It's basically a spending projection on operating funds for FY10. He added that at the current spending rate, we will be well over our budget at the end of this academic year. Jim reminded folks that spending for the remainder of this year MUST be tightened. The president will hold another budget briefing in January.
    3. Budget Planning Process - Bill Vertrees
      Bill explained that when we get the governor's proposed budget next week, BFA will start working on our budget. By April 1, the supplemental session will be over. April and May will be serious budget planning months in order to implement our budget by July 1.
    4. Budget and Finance Committee (new committee plus restructure of Budget and Capital Budget Committees) - Bill Vertrees
      Bill explained that the newly formed Budget and Finance Committee will replace the Budget Advisory Committee. The budget and finance committee meets on a monthly basis to review the resources available to the university from all revenue streams; sponsors open forums for campus and community input on budget and spending priorities; and aligns budget and spending priorities with the university's strategic plan, development priorities and facilities master plan. The committee is responsible for recommending the institution's operating and capital budgets to the President's Cabinet. In addition, it will have two subcommittees reporting to it: Capital Budget Subcommittee and Operating Budget Subcommittee. Jim asked for opinions from folks on the proposed committees. Both Charlotte and Libby asked to have additional representatives on the subcommittees. Those suggestions will be incorporated. Minor suggestions were made to the documents. These will be reworked and brought back again on January 6. However, due to the current budget issues the group needs to start meeting soon, so members will be notified now of their appointments to the committees.
    5. Communication Access Policy - Charlotte Tullos
      Charlotte explained that the Communication Access Policy is coming forward as an information item. This is not a new policy. It's an SAEM departmental policy that is coming forward as an informational item to be vetted by this group. It will be signed and dated by Charlotte once all feedback has been incorporated. Jim reported to the group that he has asked all of the vice presidents to go through their departmental policies and start bringing them forward to be vetted by PAC. He would like the entire university to be aware of departmental policies, as well as university policies. If you have suggestions to this policy, please send them to Charlotte as soon as possible. This policy will now move through the process of being signed, dated, and posted.
    6. Threat Assessment Response Policy & Procedures - Charlotte Tullos
      Charlotte asked Jack Baker to speak on this policy. Jack explained that this is another SAEM departmental policy. It's the policy that guides the Threat Assessment Team. CWU uses a two-tier process: the Problem Solving Group and then the Threat Assessment Team. This is the prevention arm of crisis. SAEM wanted to make the campus aware that this policy and the procedures on threat assessment are already in place. This will be well advertised throughout campus.
    7. Recruitment, Retention, and Hiring Policy & Procedures - Sherer Holter
      Jim explained that some time ago he asked Sherer Holter, Libby Street, and Staci Sleigh-Layman to review our hiring policies and procedures. HR then did some research and looked at what other universities do. Jim also asked Sherer in her HR position to assist and suggest whether or not exceptions to searches are appropriate in certain cases. Roy Savoian suggested some changes to the policy. Wayne Quirk asked that the vice presidents review this document and discuss it with Sherer before it goes any further. Jim encouraged folks to go back to their constituents and get feedback on this policy and the procedures and send feedback to Sherer as soon as possible. It will come back to PAC on January 6, 2010.
    8. Research Conflict of Interest Policy - Wayne Quirk
      Wayne explained that this group has seen the Research Conflict of Interest Policy before. The only changes were editorial. Libby Street endorsed the policy. Seconded by Bill Vertrees. No further discussion.

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