President's Advisory Council - April 16, 2008

8:30-10:30 a.m. - Barge 412

Present: Jerilyn McIntyre, Wayne Quirk, Rich Corona, Charlotte Tullos, Libby Street, Marji Morgan, Shelly Johnson, Becky Watson, Katie Underwood, David Heath, Penny Anderson, Jeff Snedeker

Guests: Carmen Rahm

  1. Action Items

    1. Approval of PAC Minutes from April 2, 2008
      Motion to approve the PAC minutes from April 2, 2008 as presented by Mr. Corona. Seconded by Dr. Street. No further discussion. Motion carried.
    2. Student Conduct Code
      This item was tabled until the next meeting. The group will review the document between now and the time of the next meeting. Jack Baker will be present on May 7 to answer any questions that come up.
  2. Discussion Items

    1. Designation for College of Business - Dr. Quirk
      Dr. Quirk explained that a designation to refer to the College of Business as CB instead of COB was approved at Academic Affairs Council yesterday. PAC members had several questions regarding the designation change, so Dr. Quirk will take those questions back to the dean and this item will come back for final approval on May 7, 2008.
  3. For the Good of the Order

    Shelly Johnson, Director, Budget Planning:

    Ms. Johnson reported that it is business as usual in the budget office. The Governor recently signed both the capital and operating budgets.

    Jeff Snedeker, Chair, Faculty Senate:

    Dr. Snedeker reported that Dr. Backlund presented an update on the NWCCU accreditation process to the Senate recently. Discussion was held on several of the various standards. The Senate should have the framework for revising the faculty evaluation of administrators completed soon. The pilot Senate and Senate Executive Committee assessment instruments are based on our new bylaws and mission statement. The SEOI discussion regarding on line courses will begin this week. Dr. Snedeker thanked folks for including the senate in processes occurring on campus. There has been good collaboration with the provost's office and the faculty affairs' office on the dispute resolution process.

    Becky Watson, Director, Public Relations and Marketing:

    Dr. Watson reported that she is currently working on a high demand advertising campaign. There will be radio spots, print ads, and on line information regarding CWU's high demand programs. The commencement committee is meeting regularly. Public Relations and Marketing is still looking for human-interest (triumph) stories to run during commencement. Please forward ideas to Dr. Watson as soon as possible.

    Katie Underwood, ASCWU BOD President:

    Ms. Underwood reported that Secretary of State, Sam Reed, is on campus today as part of College Civics Week. Primary elections are tomorrow. Applications for the student trustee position are still being accepted. Six of the ASCWU board members attended the Dalai Lama event in Seattle.

    Kathleen Barlow, Chair, ADCO:

    Penny Anderson reported for Dr. Barlow. ADCO is currently planning for the chair's training in the fall. Emergency management procedures are now part of the suggested sessions since department chairs and secretaries are likely to be asked what to do in the event of a natural disaster or incident based disaster. With regard to non-tenure track faculty participating on Faculty Senate committees, chairs have asked to be informed earlier in the process so that they can take into consideration any impact on service workload or compensation in a timely manner. Carmen Rahm recently presented an update to ADCO on IT volume, use, access, and system updates.

    Dave Heath, Chair, Employee Council:

    Mr. Heath reported that construction maps will be available later today under "construction news" on the Intranet. The Annual Employee Appreciation Awards are Tuesday, April 22, and the President's Annual Address to Classified Staff is April 25. Mr. Heath and a couple of Employee Council officers joined Dr. McIntyre at CWU-Lynnwood on April 14 to present the March Employee of the Month Award to Maury Webber. It was a nice celebration.

    Kim Dawson, Administrative Operations Coordinator:

    Ms. Dawson gave a quick update on events coming up in May. The Annual Retiree Reception is May 6, the Faculty Senate Reception is May 14, and the Grant Writers Reception is May 21. The Presidential Search Committee will be launching a website soon.

    Marji Morgan, Dean, College of Arts and Humanities:

    Dr. Morgan reported that the deans have submitted review files to the Provost. They are currently working on budget requests and spheres of distinction proposals. In addition, all of the deans will attend the President's External Diversity Council meeting at CWU-Des Moines this Friday.

  4. Executive Reports

    Provost/Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs:

    Dr. Quirk reported that the promotion, tenure and reappointment files have been submitted to his office. He will be working on these files for the next couple of weeks. He thanked the deans for getting the files to him in a timely manner. The PESB visit is April 19-22,2008. The Provost group (ICAO) is currently working with the Council of Presidents' Office on capacity and performance agreements.

    Vice President for Business and Financial Affairs & University Relations:

    Mr. Corona reported that the financial audit of the university is complete. It began in October 2007 and finished this month. Mr. Corona was pleased to announce that we had no findings. Next year the audit will include financial aid. The Budget Advisory Committee meets today at 11:00 a.m. Courson Hall is scheduled to come down the week after commencement and Muzzall Hall will come down in July. The ITS outages went very well. Information regarding the Campus Master Plan will be distributed campus wide within the next couple of weeks. A new edition of Central Connections will be coming out next week. It's a beautifully done piece.

    Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management:

    Dr. Tullos reported that she recently hosted several of her counterparts at CWU-Des Moines. Career Services is hosting a huge career fair this week in the SURC Ballroom. Approximately 1200 students and parents attended the CWU Open House this past weekend. We are up 264 in freshmen applications from this time last year. The freshmen admissions deadline is May 1. Transfer applications are down 39 from this time last year. Transfer admissions at Ellensburg and at the University Centers will remain open until fall quarter. An ad hoc group is currently working on guidelines for time, place, and manner for speakers on campus. Dr. Tullos commended the 24 students who helped clean up the Ganges this past weekend.

    Chief Planning Officer:

    Dr. Street reported that she and Mark Lundgren recently attended the training for the Washington State Quality Award (Washington's version of the Baldridge Award). The deadline to have our "lite" assessment submitted is October 2008. The President's External Diversity Council meets this Friday at CWU-Des Moines. Dr. Street is still waiting for data from a few departments for the NWCCU accreditation process. Please remind folks to submit this data to her as soon as possible. Martha Kurtz will attend Harvard's Summer Management Development Program and Staci Sleigh-Layman will attend the HERS Summer Institute at Bryn Mawr.


    Dr. McIntyre reported that Chenyang Li received an ACE Fellowship. A press release will be distributed soon. The most recent Performing Arts and Presidential Speaker Series events, Ken Burns and Sweet Honey in the Rock, were wonderful and very well attended. The Board of Trustees held a special meeting last week. Academic Affairs and Student Affairs gave presentations on "Who are our students," and "What coursework will be in demand by society and by our students?" Dr. McIntyre mentioned that she was in Washington, DC last week to meet with alumni/donors, federal legislators, and to attend the ACE Women on Higher Education Commission conference. It was a very worthwhile visit.

  5. Information Items

    1. Items for the University Bulletin, President's Report, Central Connections, and other communications
      1. Dalai Lama event at the University of Washington
      2. Ken Burns lecture
      3. Sweet Honey in the Rock performance
      4. Sam Reed, Secretary of State, on campus today as part of College Civics Week
      5. Chenyang Li - ACE Fellowship recipient
  6. Old Business

    No old business.

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