President's Advisory Council - April 1, 2009

8:30-10:30 a.m.
Barge 412

Present: Jim Gaudino, Wayne Quirk, Bill Vertrees, Ellen Hall, Libby Street, Roy Savoian, Jim Schwing, Matt Manweller, Judy Miller, Becky Watson, Shelly Johnson, Pedro Navarrete, Elaine Ames, Emily Washines

Guests: Sherer Holter, Carmen Rahm, Staci Sleigh-Layman

  1. Action Items

    1. Approval of PAC Minutes from March 18, 2009
      Dr. Gaudino reported that the minutes stand approved. If anyone has any changes, please send them to Ms. Dawson.
    2. Approval of Security Camera Policy
      Mr. Vertrees explained that this is the second time the group has seen this policy. It has been revised to include classrooms in the language about exceptions. The procedures were also distributed for review and discussion. Motion to approve the Security Camera Policy as presented by Ms. Miller. Seconded by Dr. Street. No further discussion. Motion carried.
  2. Discussion Items

    1. Adding language for "carpool permits" to the WAC - Judy Miller
      Ms. Miller explained that this item is coming forward today for a first review. Since this item will be a CWU WAC it needs to be approved by the Board of Trustees as well, so it is a discussion item in May. The group discussed the proposal at length and had several questions. Mr. Vertrees reported that the proposal has come forward through the Parking Advisory Committee. He added that it is a policy that has been developed to promote car pools. The group asked to have Tim Stowe come to the next meeting to answer questions. Ms. Miller will arrange for him to come. Pedro Navarrete added that this is a great idea. It makes our campus greener.
    2. Campus Climate
      Dr. Gaudino explained that the Senate and the House released their budgets this week and the cuts are worse than our worse case scenarios. The earliest we will have a budget is late April or early May. Since anxiety is more than likely high, Dr. Gaudino asked for feedback on how to help alleviate it. Dr. Watson reported that her office is getting feedback that folks appreciate getting updates even if we don't have any answers. Employees are definitely concerned about their jobs. Dr. Manweller added that faculty are leery that budget decisions will be made during the summer when they are not on campus. Dr. Gaudino reported that next week, on April 9, there will be another budget forum from 9:00-11:00 AM. He will explain to folks that CWU's strategy is to work from the top down. He will also share the budget time line. Mr. Vertrees reported that the issue of hiring student employees is still being be discussed.
    3. Small Rodent Control
      Dr. Gaudino met recently with Bill Vertrees And Bill Yarwood to discuss small rodent control on campus. He added that Dr. Hall had shared with him information regarding the public relations nightmare that was caused by this issue last year. Since the issue will be coming up again soon, Dr. Watson stated that it would be good to be in the forefront with the press. Mr. Vertrees added that this is also a community health issue, so the story will focus on that as well.
  3. Executive Reports

    Provost/Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs:
    Dr. Quirk reported that faculty first-year reappointment files are currently being reviewed. Approximately 83 faculty members are going through this process. The summer session promotions kick off soon.

    Vice President for Business and Financial Affairs:
    Mr. Vertrees reported that there will be a budget advisory committee meeting during the last hour of Cabinet on April 22, 2009. The capital budget comes out from the House today.

    Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management:
    No report. Dr. Tullos is out of town, but will be calling into Cabinet later today.

    Vice President for University Relations:
    Dr. Hall reported University Relations is gearing up for several spring events. Even in the current economic situation, donations are still coming in. We have passed one million dollars.

    Chief Planning Officer:
    Dr. Street reported that all of the NWCCU standards have gone through first editing. Potential recommendations have been identified. Doc Hastings will be on campus April 9. Bob Arnot will be speaking on April 9 as well.

    Dr. Gaudino reported that he was in Washington, DC two weeks ago and met with our federal delegation. Meetings went well. Legislators were very supportive of our efforts. He also met with donors and attended a couple of alumni events. Ten CWU students were in DC at the same time. Dr. Gaudino stated that he has commissioned a couple of working groups: a Retention Task Force, chaired by Jesse Nelson and a Searches and Hiring group, chaired by Libby Street. He is also working with Staci Sleigh-Layman on several issues pertaining to diversity and culture. PAC will receive regular updates from these working groups.

  4. For the Good of the Order

    Pedro Navarrete, ASCWU BOD President:
    Mr. Navarrete reported that the BOD is hosting a Greek Forum on Monday, April 6 at 6:00 PM in the SURC Pit. Derrick Peacock is finalizing a report from the DC conference that the students attended a couple of weeks ago. The BOD public meetings for spring quarter have been set for Wednesdays at 1:30 PM in the SURC Pit. Elections are open now. The moving of the named rooms in the old Samuelson Union Building are still being discussed.

    Judy Miller, Board Secretary:
    Ms. Miller reported that Board of Trustees agenda items are due April 13 and the back up is due April 20. The agenda will be released on April 21.

    Kim Dawson, Administrative Operations Coordinator:
    No report.

    Roy Savoian, Dean, College of Business:
    Dr. Savoian reported that the deans are finishing tenure and promotion files now. Spring quarter started yesterday and things are going well.

    Becky Watson, Director, Public Relations and Marketing:
    Dr. Watson reported that she was in Las Vegas last week and met with one of our alums. She got a tour of Rancho and actually connected with some students and did some recruiting. She has already connected Amy Hoover and the admissions office with this group. David Kaufman has done some research into having a CWU page on YouTube. The details are currently being ironed out. The next interview on "the Burg" will feature Connie Lambert talking about teacher education.

    Emily Washines, Chair, Diversity Council:
    Ms. Washines reported that the Commission on Indian Affairs MOU is in the final stages. With regard to funding, we might be able to dovetail with Bonneville Power on our resource management degree, but they want to know what we will be getting form the Bureau of Reclamation first. The Diversity Summit is April 8 at 2:00 PM in the SURC Ballroom.

    Shelly Johnson, Director, Budget Planning:
    No report.

    Staci Sleigh-Layman, Chair, EEA Governing Board:
    The next EEA meeting on is on Monday and Dr. Gaudino will be the guest speaker. The focus will probably be budget.

    Carmen Rahm, AVP for Information Technology:
    Mr. Rahm offered to work with Multi-Media Technology to find a larger venue for next week's budget forum that also has the ability to connect to the university centers. He will also look at doing a web stream of the presentation to employee desktops. Would like to give a briefing on the data warehouse to Cabinet soon. A new program will be available soon. Advertising titled, "Come learn how to Groove with IT" will begin soon and training will begin in May. A new collaboration tool will be coming out this summer as well.

    Sherer Holter, AVP for Human Resources:
    Ms. Holter reported that the Annual Employee Appreciation Awards are next week.

    Elaine Ames, Chair, Employee Council:
    Ms. Ames reported that the President's Annual Address to Classified Staff is April 13. Employee Council anticipates a pretty substantial gathering due to the budget situation.

    Matt Manweller, Chair, Faculty Senate:
    No report. Had to leave prior to getting to his report.

    Jim Schwing, ADCO:
    No report. Had to leave prior to getting to his report.

  5. Information Items

    1. Items for the University Bulletin, President's Report, Central Connections, and other communications
      No information items.
  6. Old Business

    No old business.

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