Inclusivity/Diversity Committee

The committee reports to the president and the president’s executive leadership team through the vice president of diversity and inclusivity.

The purpose of the committee includes:

  1. Facilitate communication of Central Washington University’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion;
  2. Support the university community in engaging and celebrating diversity;
  3. Serve in an advisory capacity to the university and external community in developing concepts to meet CWU’s diversity aspirations and outcomes of the strategic plan;
  4. Integrate the university’s inclusivity efforts among the members of the university and surrounding community, help to build coalitions within and outside the university;
  5. Support the work of the the vice president for diversity and inclusivity;
  6. Serve as a resource and participate in university strategic planning.
  7. Encourage, advocate, and facilitate communication, education, and relations among persons of various ethnicities, races, physical conditions, religions, national orgins, citizenship, genders, ages, social-economic backgrounds, veterans status , sexual orientation, gender expression and gender identity at CWU.


Committee membership will be representative of the university community and external community to include the areas of each division, faculty, deans, department chairs, employee groups, university centers, student body, external community leaders and other designated constituents.

Membership includes representatives from:

  • Each of the College Diversity Committees (COTS, COB, CEPS, CAH, Student Success, and the Library);
  • Faculty senate executive committee member;

  • Office for international studies and programs;

  • Douglas Honors College;

  • University Centers and Extended Learning;


Each of the administrative university divisions:

  •  Operations;

  •  Business and Financial services; 

  •  Minority faculty and staff advisory committee;


Director of Africana and Black Studies, American Indian Studies, Latino and Latin American Studies, Women,Gender and Sexuality Studies, and Asian and Pacific Islander Studies.

Inclusivity/Diversity Resources Page

Project Implicit - a website to find out your implicit associations about race, gender, sexual orientation, and other topics.



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