Excerpt from the CWU Judicial Code

Proscribed Conduct - A student shall be subject to disciplinary action or sanction upon violation of any of the following conduct proscriptions (including, but not limited to):

  • actual or attempted physical/emotional abuse of any person or conduct which threatens or endangers the health and safety of any person or which intentionally or recklessly causes a reasonable apprehension of harm to any person;
  • harassment of any sort or any malicious act which causes harm to any person's physical or mental well being;
  • recklessly engaging in conduct which creates a substantial risk of physical harm to another person;
  • theft or malicious destruction, damage or misuse of University property, private property of another member of the University community, whether occurring on or off campus; or theft or malicious destruction, damage or misuse on campus of property of a nonmember of the University community;

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