CWUR 3-40-020 Certification

Applies to - Non-represented classified employees. Also applies to represented classified employees to the extent that this procedure addresses terms not covered under collective bargaining agreements for represented employees, the terms of this procedure shall prevail.

(1) Purpose

(A) To address requirements of WAC 357-16-125. WAC 357-16 allows employers authority and discretion to carry out activities related to recruitment, candidate assessment, the creation of applicant pools and in determining the number of names certified for position vacancies. This procedure is to be used in conjunction with Central Washington University’s recruitment and hiring processes for civil service employees.

(2) Number of names to be certified

(A) The interest of the Central Washington University and those that we serve is promoted when we hire the best talent available. Therefore, Central Washington University will consider all candidates who meet the competencies and requirements of the position. Eligible candidates who satisfy the competencies and requirements of the position to be filled will be certified in accordance with rules regarding the order of certification.

(3) Process

(A) In consultation with human resources (HR) the hiring official, will identify position-specific education; experience and competencies prior to posting a position vacancy. Prior to closing the announcement, the hiring official in consultation with human resources will assess and determine whether there are a sufficient number of qualified and diverse candidates in the applicant pool. All candidates in the applicant pool who meet the position-specific education, experience and competency requirements will be certified.

(B) After certification, additional screening methodologies may be used to reduce the size of the applicant pool and will be based on the job related competencies and requirements for the position. Screening methodologies may include, but are not limited to, a review of applications or resumes, pass/fail skill tests and supplemental questionnaires.

(4) Certification

(A) The order of certification of names shall be determined as follows:

1. If there are names on the layoff list HR will contact individuals and confirm their interest in the position.  For the individual to be considered a candidate, an on-line application is required.  The following candidates will be referred to the employing official in the following order:

a. Candidates on the internal layoff list who satisfy the competencies and other position requirements;

b. Internal promotional candidates who satisfy the competencies and other position requirements. 

2.  If there are no names on the internal layoff list the following candidates may be referred to the employing official:

a. Eligible internal promotional candidates who satisfy the competencies and other position requirements;

b. Other eligible candidates who satisfy the competencies and other position requirements.

3. Employees who have completed an approved training program and who meet the competencies and other position requirements may also be referred to the employing official. 

(5) Supplemental certification for affirmative action purposes

(A) The university is committed to recruiting broadly for qualified candidates. Because all candidates who meet the minimum requirements for a position as defined above are certified, no supplemental names will be added to the certified pool. Should the pool reflect a minimum number of names, the hiring department will have the option to continue to recruit for candidates.

(6) Veteran’s Preference

(A) If a scored examination is used prior to certification, additional points will be added to the qualifying veteran’s score in accordance with state law (RCW 41.04.010).

(B) If there is no scored examination administered prior to certification, the following individuals shall be referred as part of the certified pool to the employing official as long as the individual satisfies the competencies and other position requirements:

1. Qualifying veterans;

2. Surviving spouses of eligible veterans; or

3. Spouses of honorably discharged veterans who have a service connected permanent and total disability.

(C) This is accomplished as described above under supplemental certification by not limiting the number of applicants who are certified. All candidates who meet the position’s requirements will be certified.

(7) Method of Certification

(A) All eligible candidates who satisfy the competencies and other requirements of the position to be filled will be certified. 

(8) The Interview Process

(A) The applications for all certified candidates must be reviewed and considered before invitations for interviews are extended. The employing official must review screening criteria with human resources prior to determining which candidates will be brought forward for interview.

(B) The employing official is responsible for determining which candidates will be interviewed and for scheduling the interviews or ensuring that the interviews are scheduled. The employing official is required to follow interview processes as outlined in applicable bargaining agreements. The employing official is not required to interview any other candidates.

(9) Removal of Names from Pool

(A) The university may remove an eligible candidate’s name from a certified pool for “good and sufficient” reason (per WAC 357-16-155). The applicant must be notified in writing of the removal from the pool.  The notification shall include the applicant’s right to request a review of the process. (Written notice may be provided using alternative methods such as e-mail, campus mail, the state mail service, or commercial parcel delivery in accordance with WAC 357-04-105.) 

(B) Per WAC 357-16-115, the above does not apply to candidates who are removed during the assessment process for job-related reasons.

(10) Request for Review

(A) An applicant may request a review of the removal from the pool by contacting the Executive Director Human Resources. The request for a review must be received by the university’s human resource department within twenty calendar days following notice of the action for which a review is requested. 

(11) Review Procedure

(A) When a request for review is received the Executive Director Human Resources will assign the review to a human resource representative who was not involved in the action under review. Per WAC 357-16-180, review decisions are final and not subject to further review or appeal.

(12) Reemployment

(A) The university may reemploy, without certification, former permanent status employees under the following conditions: (employing officials should consult with their human resource representative prior to making a reemployment offer)

1.  They submit an application for employment;

2. There are no eligible candidates on either the internal or statewide layoff lists; and

3. The former employee satisfies the competencies and other requirements of the vacant position. 

(13) Disability separated applicants

(A) Former permanent employees of the university who were disability separated shall be treated as internal promotional candidates for certification purposes for up to two years from the date of separation.

(14) Definitions (See WAC 357-01)

(A) Certification: The act of referring eligible candidates to the employing official for further consideration.

(B) Certified pool: Those eligible candidates determined by the employer to be among the best qualified for a position, based on position-specific criteria, who are certified to the employing official.

(C) Eligible candidate: An individual who has successfully completed all assessment requirements for a specific position and is eligible to be considered for the certified pool.

(D) Employing official: An administrative or supervisory employee designated by the appointing authority to exercise responsibility for requesting certification, interviewing eligible candidates, and recommending appointment of individuals to classified positions.

(E) Reemployment: Appointment of a former permanent employee who had permanent status in a class with the same or similar job duties.

(F) Supplemental certification: Increasing the normal certification of names to incorporate persons with disabilities, Vietnam-era veterans, disabled veterans or persons over 40.

[Responsibility: BFA; Authority: Chapter 357-16 of the Washington Administrative Code (WAC), Recruitment, Assessment and Certification; Reviewed/Endorsed by: PAC (3/16/2005); Review/Effective Date: 07/01/2005; 07/01/2008; 03/30/2012; 01/11/19; 04/19/21; Approved by: James L. Gaudino, President]

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