CWUP 5-90-010(11) Class Attendance and Participation

(A) Instructors may require regular class attendance.

(B) The first day of the quarter is the first day of instruction listed in the university calendar. An instructor may drop a student from the class by notifying the registrar if the student has failed to attend the class by the end of the third day of the quarter or the first class meeting if the class does not meet during the first three days of the quarter.

(C) A student who does not meet course prerequisites may be required to drop from the course.

(D) Instructors are not required to offer makeup work for missed classes, including those missed during the Change of Class Schedule period, regardless of student course enrollment status. In cases where an absence meets the guidelines in CWUP 5-90-010, instructors are strongly encouraged to work with the student to make arrangements to avoid academic penalties due to absences.

(E) Sponsors of university-approved activities requiring absence from campus will prepare and sign an official list of the names of those students who plan to be absent. It is each student's responsibility to present a copy of the official list to the appropriate instructors and make arrangements prior to the absence. (Academic Appeals Process can be found in CWUP 5-90-010(2)).

(F) Members of the university community directing or arranging such activities must adhere to the following guidelines:

1. Scheduling of such activities shall not overlap with official final examination periods;
2. Scheduling of such activities shall not require an absence of more than three (3) consecutive class days;
3. Scheduling of such activities shall be announced to the students far enough in advance for them to plan to fulfill course requirements;
4. Responsibility for seeking an exception to these guidelines lies with the sponsor and not with the student(s)

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