Athletic Compliance Committee - October 30, 2012 Meeting Minutes

October 30th, 2012

Barge Hall, Room 304

3:00-4:00 PM


Athletic Compliance Committee

Present: Ethan Bergman, Miriam Bocchetti, Scott Drummond, Kathy Gaer-Carlton, Kari Gage, Gary Hyatt, Rob Lowery, Pam McMullin-Messier, Tina Morefield, Rob Perkins, Lisa Plesha for Amelia Black, Bruce Porter, Staci Sleigh-Layman, Jeffrey Stinson

Guests: Sherer Holter, Shelby Tueffers (Athletics Intern)

I. Welcome- Ethan Bergman

Purpose of committee

Since there are some new folks to the committee, Ethan explained that the committee purpose focuses on the following items: establishing institutional policies and procedures that ensure institutional compliance with NCAA bylaws, adherence to state and federal guidelines related to the conduct of athletic programs, and adherence to university expectations for student-athletes; reviewing and recommending actions related to student-athlete petitions for NCAA academic waivers; and discussing matters of concern to student-athletes. Matters of consideration and discussion will include but are not limited to: academic issues and proposals, federal and state regulations, financial aid issues, gender equity and Title IX issues, NCAA institutional control issues, NCAA rules education, and NCAA self-study.

Study of athletics-Sherer Holter

Sherer explained that with the announcement of Jack Bishop’s retirement at the end of the academic year, it was decided that this was a good time to conduct a complete review of our athletic department and programs. An RFP went out in September and we received 12 responses. A committee of reviewers narrowed the pool down to two companies and is now conducting Skype interviews and reference calls. The goal is to have the consultants on campus the week after Thanksgiving, so an announcement of the selected company will be forthcoming soon. The consultants will look at policies, procedures, budgets, facilities, etc. They will also look at what we are doing, how we are doing, and if we are missing anything. The final report will come back in December and will assist in developing the position description for the new Athletic Director, which we hope to post/advertise in January in conjunction with the NCAA National Conference. Members of the Athletic Compliance Committee will be invited to visit with the consultants while they are on campus. Kim will notify the group of those meetings soon.

II. Actions

a. Talk about committee membership-Kim

Kim is working with Janet Shields in the Faculty Senate Office to fill three faculty positions on the committee. Bob Ford will have the names of the student members to us soon. Lisa Plesha is the new Associate Director in Financial Aid that deals with scholarships, loans, and work-study, so she will be replacing Amelia Black on the committee. We are just waiting for the official appointment paperwork to come through from Business and Financial Affairs. Kari Gage added that Riley Wall will continue as the representative from the Student Athlete Advisory Committee.

III. Items for Discussion

a. Recap of the past year

Gary summarized actions taken by the committee last year, which included: approval of the procedures for hearings concerning cancelation of aid and refusal of release; approval of the athletic section in the CWU Catalog; approval of a participation policy, and approval of Sickle Cell Procedures. In addition, the committee discussed the NCAA 5-year self study; exit interviews for athletes; Title IX review, NCAA insurance coverages; missed class policy, drug and alcohol policy, priority registration, and suspended players returning to CWU.

b. New Topic for this year

i. Missed class policy-Student Class Conflict Avoidance

Ethan explained that Western Washington University calls their policy the Student Class Conflict Avoidance Policy. Gary will research how the other GNAC schools handle missed classes and that information will be shared at our next meeting. When our policy is developed it will include other areas: band, theatre, club, and activities, so that it doesn’t just focus on athletes.

ii. Priority Registration

It was suggested that the deans and folks from Student Success be involved in the conversation regarding a priority registration policy. Gary will organize a meeting to include these folks in the conversation and then report back to the committee later.

iii. Alcohol & Drug Policy

Our Alcohol and Drug Policy is dated, so the committee will be reviewing and updating the policy this year.

iv. Disciplinary Actions for students charged with Felony

Rob Perkins suggested using “procedural” as opposed to “disciplinary” when developing this policy. Gary will be looking at what other schools do to handle these issues. As a university we need to decide how we feel about this issue, how to communicate the information between departments on campus, and whether or not students should be required to self report.

v. Academic

Tabled until next meeting.

c. Jack Bishop – Retirement

Jack Bishop has announced his retirement at the end of the academic year. Stay tuned for more to come on plans for a retirement celebration for him.

IV. Other

Rob Lowery volunteered to be a member of the sub-committee that will review student appeals.

Ethan announced that the NCAA Annual Convention is in January. There is some legislation coming forward that he will share with the committee at our next meeting.

Kim will schedule the next meeting in late November or early December.

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