Athletic Compliance Committee - March 13th, 2012 Meeting Minutes

March 13, 2012

Athletic Compliance Committee Meeting Minutes


Committee Members Present: Ethan Bergman, Jack Bishop, Miriam Bocchetti, Scott Drummond, Kathy Gaer-Carlton, Kari Gage, Dan Herman, Gary Hyatt, Rob Lowery, Rob Perkins, Bruce Porter, Jeffrey Stinson, Riley Wall

Guest: Jon Clift


I. Welcome


Jon Clift, graduate student in Athletic Administration was introduced to the group.


II. Actions


No action.


III. Presentation by Bruce Porter – NCAA Insurance Coverages


Bruce began by explaining that before a student can participate in any intercollegiate events, which includes an approved practice, the student or guardian must sign a hold harmless agreement, provide proof of comprehensive medical coverage, and be cleared by a physician. If an injury occurs, the student’s mandatory comprehensive medical policy (with minimum policy limit of $5,000 for injury sustained while participating in intercollegiate sports) would be the primary provider. Washington state laws do not allow for CWU to buy primary coverage. CWU’s excess policy (or secondary policy) ONLY covers expenses after the $5,000 per injury deductible has been met. In addition, the NCAA sponsors a Catastrophic Injury Insurance Program which covers the student-athlete who is catastrophically injured while participating in a covered intercollegiate athletic activity. The policy has a $90,000 deductible and provides benefits in excess of any other valid and collectible insurance.


IV. Items for Discussion


a. Title IX review


Gary explained that this past fall the university went through a total revamp of Title IX and athletics was a subset of this total review. An outside consultant came in and conducted an overview of our athletic programs. Findings are being review and Gary is working on the recommendations and CWU’s response. Gary will present his report in December.


b. Exit interviews-Jon Clift


Jon explained that as part of his project he gathered data from other schools and developed a list of common questions to survey senior athletes. This is the “exit interview” given when athlete’s eligibility expires. This fall they asked 14 seniors to do the survey and have received responses from 10. Previously the exit interview was conducted face-to-face and participation was low. Now that the survey is online, participation is better. Jon also developed an anonymous evaluation for athletes to evaluate their coaches. All of this information will be very helpful for the future. Athletics will be much more able to map trends, etc.


c. Missed class policy


Tabled until next meeting.


d. Drug & Alcohol policy


Tabled until next meeting.


Next Meeting: Kim will arrange another meeting for some time in April. Discussion items for that meeting will include: Missed Class Policy, Drug and Alcohol Policy, and priority registration.

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