Athletic Compliance Committee - January 31st, 2012 Meeting Minutes

January 31st, 2012

Athletic Compliance Committee


I. Welcome and Introductions


Due to several new committee appointments, the group introduced themselves. Jack gave a quick summary on athletics at CWU, and Kari gave a brief description of her role in Athletics. As required by the NCAA, Kari is designated as the Senior Women’s Administrator in Athletics due to her position as head athletic trainer. In addition to her trainer duties, she offers a place for students to come to voice concerns, she assists with community engagements activities, she deals with Title IX issues, and advises the Student Athlete Advisory Committee.


II. Actions


1. Confirm position on the committee-Kim Dawson


Kim distributed an updated committee contact list. So far, the only appointments still pending are student appointments. Taylor Tanassee, the representative from the Student Athlete Advisory Committee, needs to be replaced. Kari will appoint someone from the committee and send the name to Kim so she can do an appointment letter.


2. Approve the procedures for the Subcommittee for hearings concerning cancelation of aid and refusal of release.


Ethan explained that these procedures have been in the works for a while, so the goal is to get these approved soon. Amelia suggested a couple of modifications to the procedure. She and Gary will meet, make the revisions, and the procedure will be brought back to our next meeting for approval.  


3. Select Subcommittee Members


Subcommittee members who agreed to review appeals are: Ethan Bergman, Miriam Bocchetti, Kathy Gaer-Carlton, Pamela McMullin-Messier, Rob Perkins, and Jeffrey Stinson. Kim will arrange a subcommittee meeting in the next two weeks for the group to review the current appeal.


III. Items for Discussion


a. Review of athletic section in catalog


The proposed changes to the athletic section of the catalog were reviewed and discussed. Gary will incorporate the suggested modifications and bring back to our next meeting for approval.


b. Self Study


Tabled until next meeting.


c. Exit interviews


Tabled until next meeting.


d. Title IX review


Tabled until next meeting.

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