Athletic Compliance Committee - January 29th, 2013 Minutes

January 29, 2013

3:00 PM

Barge 304

Athletic Compliance Committee


  1. Welcome

Present:  Jack Bishop, Scott Drummond, Kari Gage, Gary Hyatt, Rob Lowery, Pam McMullin-Messier, Tina Morefield, Lisa Plesha, Staci Sleigh-Layman, Jeffrey Stinson


  1. Actions
  • Look at committee membership that expires June 1st Kim Dawson

Kim explained that we have four appointments ending June 30:  Pam McMullin-Messier, Kathy Gaer-Carlton, Tina Morefield, and Lisa Plesha.  Pam is not able to continue on the committee, so a new appointment will be requested for her position.  Since her appointment is a faculty appointment, it will go through the Faculty Senate selection process.  Kathy, Tina, and Lisa all agreed to be reappointed.  Since they serve on the committee as representatives from their area (not as classified or exempt staff members), Kim will get the approval from their supervisors to reappoint them for another three years.  We hope to fill next year’s student appointments during spring quarter.


  1. Items for Discussion


  1. Conflict Avoidance Committee-Staci Sleigh-Layman

Staci reported that the first meeting for this group is scheduled for Thursday, January 31.  Committee members include:  Staci Sleigh-Layman, Gary Hyatt, Tim Englund, John Pickett, Tina Morefield, Scott Carlton, a coach, and a student athlete (not yet identified).  Staci will report back at our meeting in February.


  1. Discussion about Department of Athletics Report

Gary reminded the group that the Athletic/Sports Program Review report by Ice Miller, LLP is available on the Web at:


  1. Update from the NCAA Convention-Kari Gage & Jack Bishop

Kari reported on some of the convention legislation: a 48-hour rule regarding official visits failed; a 10-Year Pilot Program for Foreign Institutions – located in Mexico failed; redshirt freshmen can participate in expeditions games now without affecting their eligibility.  Jack reported that concussions & drug testing were a focus of discussion at the convention.  The GNAC group met as well.  They adopted a rule that only 60% of teams can participate in the end of season tournaments.  GNAC is looking to add another team membership in the sport of football.


  1. Reduction of Aid Hearing-Policy

Gary reported that the subcommittee is currently involved in a reduction of aid hearing.  A general code of conduct will be drafted and will come forward soon for the committee to review.  Currently, Athletics has many verbal expectations, so a written code of conduct for athletes will be very helpful in the future.


  1. Other


Update on Athletics

Gary announced that CWU baseball starts this weekend, softball starts next weekend, and men’s basketball, women’s basketball and track continue.


Faculty Affiliate for Each Sport

This item was discussed at the national convention.  Ethan will bring this forward in February.


Kim will send out a meeting request for some time the end of February.


Meeting adjourned.

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