Athletic Compliance Committee - February 28, 2013 Minutes

February 28th, 2013
4:00 PM
Barge Hall, Room 304
Athletic Compliance Committee


Present:  Ethan Bergman, Jack Bishop, Gail Farmer, Kathy Gaer-Carlton, Gary Hyatt, Pam McMullin-Messier, Tina Morefield, Rob Perkins, Lisa Plesha, Abigail Schranck, Riley Wall

Guest:  Jason Roundy


  1. Welcome
    Jack introduced Jason Roundy.  Jason is the development officer for Athletics.  Jason has been with CWU for about 5 months now.  His position provides leadership and support for the development and fundraising activities within the Department of Athletics.  His current focus is on the Wildcat Booster Club.  He is working on compliance training for club board members.  Please give him a call if you have any questions regarding athletic development.

  2. Actions
    Finalize Committee membership –Kim Dawson

    Kim explained that the faculty committee openings are currently going through the Faculty Senate appointment process.  We should have the new appointments by the end of spring quarter.  In addition, student appointments will be made during spring quarter as well.

  3. Items for Discussion
    1. Update Conflict Avoidance Committee-Staci Sleigh-Layman

      Gail Farmer reported for Staci Sleigh-Layman.  The committee met about a month ago and decided to develop a general policy that will include a procedure.  A draft will be submitted to committee members to review by March 15.  Scott Carlton, Interim Registrar, will convene a committee within his area that will review and decide on the submissions.

    2. Code of Conduct policy-Gary Hyatt

      Gary explained that CWU Athletics has needed a good paper trail to follow when reduced or revoked financial aid occurs for a student athlete.  He researched what other colleges have in place and developed a draft for review.  The draft includes a general statement section, athletic responsibilities (personal attributes), and a section on criminal conduct/sanctions.  This is a working document.  Please review and send feedback to Gary.  An updated version of the proposed policy will come back in March.

    3. Faculty Affiliate for Each Sport-Ethan Bergman

      Ethan explained that this topic came up at the recent NCAA Convention.  He asked the group if this was something CWU should pursue?  The group agreed that it would be good to put out a call to faculty to see if there is interest.  If there is, we can go from there to develop a selection process.

    4. Survey with Football Team-Ethan Bergman

      Ethan explained that the faculty athletic representative is required by the NCAA to conduct a survey during spring quarter.  He is currently working with CWU Football to arrange for the survey.  The data is used for a rolling data set.  It is anonymous and cannot be traced back to the university.

  4. Other
    Student Athlete Academic Services

    Tabled until next meeting.

    Update on Athletics

    Gary reminded the group that both men’s and women’s basketball play at home tonight.  It’s “think pink” night, so come out and support your CWU Wildcats!

    The next meeting will be scheduled after spring break.

Meeting adjourned.

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