7-10-035 Enterprise Communication

1) Purpose: This procedure applies to the procurement and installation of interior and exterior signs and other forms of enterprise communication.

(2) Process: Public Affairs and its designee(s) are responsible for the design and/or approval of all enterprise communication content to ensure that it meets the campus identity objectives. The name Central Washington University, the initials CWU, the university seal, logo variations including the wildcat mascot are registered service marks with the office of the Secretary of State, state of Washington. Usage of these service marks is protected by state law. They cannot be used for profit without permission of the university. FMD is responsible for the installation.

(A) Exterior signage. The Facilities Management department manages campus exterior signs. A standard design concept (family of signs) has been established for all permanent directional and wayfinding signs. To initiate a new exterior sign, complete the project request form found on FMD’s web page. Campus departments are prohibited from contracting with an outside vendor to design, fabricate or install exterior signage unless specifically approved by FMD.

(B) Interior signage. CWU has adopted signage standards for all new and replacement buildings, interior directional and office signage. A standard interior sign will include a raised room number with Braille. To initiate new or replacement interior signage, complete the project request form found on FMD’s web page. Inserts with the name of the person/department may be ordered from Wildcat Printing.

(C) Digital Signage: A digital sign is any permanent or semi-permanent electronic display device, interior or exterior, which delivers content in a public space. Digital content includes all visual or audio messaging conveyed by a digital sign. CWU has adopted hardware and content standards for all digital signs. The Enterprise Communication sub-committee is responsible for recommending digital sign plans to the Enterprise Facilities Committee.

(D) Banners: FMD manages the placement of informational and promotional banners on campus. Public Affairs and its designee(s) are responsible for the design and/or approval of banner messages. To initiate banner installation, complete the project request form found on FMD’s website. The artwork (in exact color), proposed location and installation and removal dates must also be included with the request. Facilities Management (or its designee) is the only authorized unit for installation and removal of banners. A budget number will be required for charges for this service.

 [Responsibility: Finance and Administration; Authority: ELT/UPAC; Reviewed/Endorsed by: ELT/UPAC 10/07/2015; Review/Effective Date: 10/07/2015; 05/26/2023; Approved by: A. James Wohlpart, President] 

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