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University Police & Public Safety

Weapons Storage


In compliance with Washington State Firearms Policy WAC 106-127-700, CWU requires all students living ON CAMPUS to store their firearms with the University Police Department free of charge. If students move off campus, including summertime, they will need to check out their weapon from storage.

Upon checking a firearm in to the Police Department, students will be required to complete a Weapons Storage Form, agree to a criminal history check, and have a valid driver's license present. The Police Department will assign each gun an individual storage box located in a locked, secured area.

When a student wishes to check out their firearm for use, or for permanent check out, they must bring their photo I.D into the University Police Department and agree to a criminal background check. Once cleared of the background check, the firearm will be released to the student. Check in and check out is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Concealed weapons are not to be carried on University property. Concealed weapons permit holders will notify University Police for instructions and information about the temporary weapons storage. For further information, on the possession and storage of firearms contact the University Police Department at the Public Safety Building or call 509-963-2959

Important information when checking in a firearm:

We will not store or accept ammunition/magazines or arrows.

We will not store or accept firearm covers, cases, or holsters.

Guns must be unloaded and shown that they are unloaded at the front desk

We will not store or accept b.b guns, paint ball guns, knifes, swords, etc

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