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University Police & Public Safety

Drug and Alcohol Education


Policies and Procedures

The purpose of this section is to provide accessible information regarding the key points of the University's policy regarding the distribution, possession, and use of alcohol and other drugs.

- Student Success

The students of Central Washington University are responsible for complying with policies, standards, rules, and requirements for academic and social behavior formulated by the University for the maintenance of an orderly and responsible functioning of the University community. Students enrolled at any of the University’s campuses are expected to uphold these standards both on and off campus.The University recognizes a responsibility to resolve behavior problems before they escalate into serious problems requiring the application of these rules.

For continued information on student conduct codes and drug/alcohol provisions, please review the Student Conduct Code here.

Wildcat Wellness Center

The Wildcat Wellness Center is the primary campus location for alcohol and other drug education, prevention and counseling. Both students and staff are encouraged to contact the for more detailed information. The services provided by WWC include but are not limited to: Prime for Life, a 8 - 10 hour alcohol education and prevention class, Informal assessment and screening, referral, intervention, aftercare, information and education.

- Student Health and Counseling Center

Provides counseling services to all students attending Central Washington University. Services include private confidential one on one counseling and some special interest group counseling services. You must be a student of Central Washington University to utilize this service.

- Human Resource Management

The Policies Manual has been developed by Human Resources to provide the university community with a central repository for the published rules, regulations, and WAC sections which apply to the ongoing administration of CWU. The following web site will provide easy access to commonly accessed employee resources, whether civil service, exempt, faculty, or temporary: visit the HR Policies Here.

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