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University Police & Public Safety

Civil Unrest

Civil unrest can include demonstrations, protests, riots or other assemblies that have become disruptive.

If you observe such disturbances:

• Call 911, use an Blue Light phone, or call KITCOM 
• Provide an address, location, size of crowd estimate, activities occurring to the dispatcher
• Do not provoke or become a part of the disruption
• Secure your work or personal area, log off computers and secure sensitive information if safe to do so
• Remain inside and away from doors and windows if the disturbance is occurring outside
If confronted by anger, violent individuals:
• Remain calm
• Be courteous and confident
• Allow the opportunity for the individual to express their feelings, concerns, or opinions
• Listen respectively and objectively
• Alert police immediately if a threat exists
• Notify your supervisor, department chair, faculty as soon as possible

Do not:
• Corner or crowd the hostile person
• Attempt to touch the individual
• Blame anyone
• “Blow off” the hostile individual

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