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Observatory Telescopes

CWU has a large collection of small to medium sized telescopes that are used for teaching, outreach, and research purposes.


16-inch Telescope:

Portable 16-inch MEADE telescope

10-inch Telescopes:

Twelve 10-inch Dobsonian Telescopes, used for the Physics 101 classes

12-inch Telescope:

A 12-inch MEADE Telescope used for the RECON Research our campus participates in

14-inch Telescopes:

Two 14-inch MEADE Telescopes used for both undergraduate research and in the Physics 201 Operation and Research Techniques for Small Observatories (ORTSO) class

9.25-inch Telescope:

Celestron on a portable German Equitorial Mount

4-inch Refractor:

Orion Eon ED Apochromatic Refractor

11-inch Telesope:

Celestron Rowe-Ackermann Schmidt Astrograph for Astrophotography

Coronado Solarmax II 90-mm:

Solar telescope for solar viewing


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