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Graduation Requirements

Physics graduates and faculty at CWU CommencmentThe physics department emphasizes the following student learning objectives:

  • Content Knowledge
  • Technical Skills
  • Intellectual Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Civic Engagement
  • Life-long Learning


Student Portfolio:

All physics students, regardless of the degree plan chosen, are required to maintain a portfolio of their work and accomplishments in physics. This portfolio provides documentation, supplements the transcript, that the student has attained each of the above learning objectives.


Community Service or Outreach Requirement:

A total of 10 hours of community service or outreach activities are required by the Physics department. These activities must involve engaging, explaining, promoting or demonstrating physics/science concepts to the general public.


Research Requirements for Graduation:

All physics majors (including B.S., B.A., and Dual Degree*) must complete a research project.  Research projects take several quarters to complete; therefore, students must have a research plan approved by their Physics advisor prior to their junior year (or 2 academic years before their anticipated graduation date). See the faculty research areas page or undergraduate research page for more information.

B.S. Requirement: 4 credits of PHYS 495
B.A. and Dual-Degree Requirement: 2 credits of PHYS 495

In addition: Every student is expected to produce one written technical document and give a presentation outside their research group (either a poster or an oral presentation). CWU’s annual Symposium of University Research and Creative Expression (SOURCE) provides an opportunity to present your research and see the research projects of other students.

*Dual Degree students may substitute an approved project from their engineering program.

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