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College of the Sciences

Graduation Requirements

The physics department emphasizes the following student learning objectives:

  • Content Knowledge
  • Technical Skills
  • Intellectual Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Civic Engagement
  • Life-long Learning


Student Portfolio:

All physics students, regardless of the degree plan chosen, are required to maintain a portfolio of their work and accomplishments in physics. This portfolio provides documentation, supplements the transcript, that the student has attained each of the above learning objectives.


Research Requirements for Graduation:

All physics majors (including B.S., B.A., and Dual Degree) must complete a research project.  Research projects take several quarters to complete; therefore, students must have their research plan approved by their Physics advisor prior to their junior year (or 2 academic years before their anticipated graduation date). See the faculty research areas page or undergraduate research page for more information.

B.S. Requirement: 4 credits of PHYS 495
B.A. and Dual-Degree Requirement: 2 credits of PHYS 495

In addition: Every student is expected to produce one written technical document and give a presentation outside their research group (either a poster or an oral presentation). CWU’s annual SOURCE symposium provides an opportunity to present your research and see the research projects of other students.

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