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Philosophy and Religious Studies

College of Arts and Humanities

Senior Thesis Presentations

Poster: Senior Thesis ColloquiumFor our Spring Colloquium, six of our graduating seniors will be presenting their Senior Theses. Please join us in L&L 106E at 4 PM on Tuesday, April 30. Refreshments will be provided.

Our Senior Thesis presentations are:

- "Kant and Levinas in Bettering the Patient-Physician Interaction" by Susana Camacho Plascencia
- "The Face and Economics: How the Modern Economy has Alienated Us from the Other" by Seth Hanke
- "Ecosystems and Obligations: Oostvaarderslassen and the Moral Challenges of Rewilding Ecosystems" by Nils Johnson
- "Subminimum Wage Laws and the Implications for Personhood and Dependence" by Luca Straka
- "Shame in the Animal Kingdom" by Dionicio Torres
- "Attention, Consciousness, and Zombie Action: What is in Control?" by Jeff Walters


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Academic Fine & Performing Arts

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