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Philosophy and Religious Studies

College of Arts and Humanities

Michael Funke


Michael Funke earned his BA in Philosophy from the University of Florida in his hometown of Gainesville, FL. He then earned an M.A. in Philosophy from the University of Montana. Returning to Florida he attended the University of South Florida where he wrote a dissertation entitled “Weakness of Will: Mindfulness, Medicine and Law” under Hugh LaFollette and earned his Ph.D. in philosophy. He currently teaches courses at Central Washington University and Highline Community College. Dr. Funke’s research interest focuses on issues of moral motivation and practical ethics. He has published papers on diverse topics including drug laws, exploitative mining practices, and climate change. In addition to being a philosopher Dr. Funke is a husband, father of two, a fine furniture maker, juggler, and former marathoner.











Applied Ethics

Philosophy of Action

Moral Psychology
















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