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Philosophy and Religious Studies

College of Arts and Humanities

Dr. Heather White, New College of Florida - Thursday, February 5, 2015, 3:00 PM, Shaw-Smyser 209

On Thursday, February 5 at 3 PM in Shaw-Smyser 209, Dr. Heather White will give the following presentation:

How the Bible Came to Speak about Homosexuality

American Bible translations, over the course of the twentieth century, became increasingly pointed in their prohibitions against same-sex sexuality. This talk traces the ways that distinctly Protestant ways of reading, interpreting, and translating the Bible have helped to inscribe modern therapeutic views of sexuality into the text itself. This attention to a changing Bible show how Christians played an active role in adopting and ratifying new views of sexuality, even as they have also reinforced the perceived divide between the religious and the secular.

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