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Philosophy and Religious Studies

Declaring the Major

Prospective Majors

For those students considering a major in philosophy or a religious studies specialization (the equivalent of a major) but wishing more information about these programs, the skills acquired in our programs or career opportunities, please contact the Department Chair, Dr. Matthew Altman (  You may also click on the link below to submit a request to have an advisor contact you directly with more information about our majors:

Contact Request Form

Ready to Declare the Major

Declaring your major is an easy process!  Contact one of the faculty advisors listed below to schedule an appointment.  We suggest you select a faculty person with whom you've already had a class or one whose area of specialization is closest to your interests.  At this appointment you'll complete a simple major application form and review coursework required for the major.  Your advisor can also discuss skills acquired in the major, career opportunities as well as answer any questions you may have!

If you are uncertain about which faculty person to select as your advisor, contact the  Department Chair, Dr. Matthew Altman (, who can initially serve as your advisor.


Dr. Matthew Altman (

Dr. Gary Bartlett (

Dr. Cynthia Coe (

Dr. Jeffrey Dippmann (

Dr. Michael Goerger (

Note: Our programs do not have academic courses required for entrance into the major; however, the following courses are required for the major and are best completed before enrolling in upper division courses:

PHIL 201 Introduction to Logic (5 credits) – required for the philosophy major
RELS 101 World Religions (5 credits) – required for the religious studies      specialization
RELS 201 Sacred Books of the World (5 credits) – required for the religious studies specialization