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Sport and Movement Studies

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Sport and Movement Studies
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Sport & Athletic Administration, MS (Online)

Central Washington University (CWU) is excited to offer a Master of Science Degree in Sport and Athletic Administration.  The Master’s program is a 47-credit, fully online, program.  The CWU Master of Science in Sport and Athletic Administration prepares aspiring and practicing sport and athletic administrators for successful careers in their areas of specialization (either sport or athletic administration) by providing knowledge, understanding, and the application of successful leadership and management strategies, processes, and skills. 

CWU's College of Education and Professional Studies (CEPS) is recognized nationwide for successful training of graduate students. Graduate students attain positions in a variety of professions within their fields of study. The Department of Sport and Movement Studies (SAMS) directs the Sport and Athletic Administration Master’s program with its knowledgeable professors who have considerable experience in interscholastic and intercollegiate athletics as well as sport administration in fields like recreation, college intramural programs, sport industry, and private businesses. Tenure-track faculty, experienced in teaching, are aware of the need for the practical application of skills, and the knowledge and understanding necessary for successful leadership in sport and athletic administration.

The opportunity for a degree in Sport and Athletic Administration comes at a time when the need for competent and knowledgeable sport and athletic administrators is important for their respective organizations.  In a sometimes fast-paced profession, beginning sport and athletic administrators have little time to engage in “on-the-job” training.  They need to be ready to set program direction, establish open communication and professional relationships, apply problem-solving strategies, and address program culture, all while managing an efficient and people-friendly organization.  Our master’s program prepares new and practicing administrators to be capable leaders and managers who work efficiently and effectively.

Sport and Athletic Administration Master’s Cohort:

As a member of a CWU Sport and Athletic Administration cohort, you will work with your fellow graduate students on projects and coursework over a two-year period.  Your understanding and application of the strategies and processes of sport and athletic administration will grow with each quarter of participation.  Each cohort member relies on the timely and effective support of classmates and faculty.  Importantly, the professional relationships you build as members of the cohort greatly affect the efficiency and efficacy with which you and your classmates participate and complete coursework. 

In addition to the above, each member of the cohort establishes a network of professional relationships they rely on as they move forward as practicing leaders in sport or athletic administration. In short, you and your fellow graduate students will come to rely on one another through two years of coursework, including the coursework you will complete during both summer sessions.  Research in higher education has shown that professional groups, i.e. cohorts,  engage students, and provide highly interactive and effectual learning environments.

Sport and Athletic Administration is not a "running start" program (when a student can begin any quarter). All cohorts begin with the first summer session and follow a prescribed flow of coursework for two years (including a second summer session). Over the two years, students will complete 47 credits. If you are interested in applying for the next summer session start, you can do so through the School of Graduate Studies and Research ( There is a $75 non-refundable application fee. The applicant pool will be considered based on qualifications and it will be competitive for entry. 

Additional Program Information

Cooperating Experience:  Each student will complete a one-quarter “cooperating experience” (internship) with a practicing professional in sport or athletic administration.  The experience can take place at a variety of sport or athletic-related programs, i.e. high school and intercollegiate athletic administration, coaching, state or national athletic-governing associations or professional associations, private or public recreational facilities or departments, college recreation, or professional sports organizations.  The internship will not only allow you hands-on experiences with a professional, it also creates opportunities to network for future jobs.


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