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Virtual Permit Information

Check here for all virtual parking permit information. More coming soon!

Virtual Parking Passes FAQ

What changes are coming to CWU Parking Services this summer?

Beginning summer quarter, CWU will be moving to a cloud-based permit system called FlexPort, in which parking passes will be bought and managed completely online. We will also be using License Plate Reader technology to determine which cars are permitted in the lots or have current passes.

When will the new parking management system go into effect?

Parking Services hopes to be using the new FlexPort system by June 29.

Do I have to do anything if I have a current parking pass?

No. All current pass holders for the 2021-22 year will be migrated to the new system. This means that your parking pass and your primary vehicle will automatically be registered in FlexPort, as long as your primary vehicle license information is current. Please note that if you have a second car associated with your parking pass, you will need to re-add it to the system.

All pass holders will need to check if their license plate is correct in the new system, so we encourage pass holders to verify this information before the transition. More information will be provided in June, along with directions on how to complete this process.

How do I buy a new parking pass?

If you do not currently have a parking pass and would like to buy one, please visit the Parking Services website. The page contains information on how to buy a pass, the different pass options, and pricing.

How will daily permits work under the new system?

As of June 29, daily permits can be purchased online or on campus at kiosks in these parking lots: G-16; I-15; and Q-14. View the CWU campus parking map online.

How will the new system work during summer quarter?

During summer quarter, our Parking Enforcement team will honor both the vehicle hang-tags and the virtual passes purchased through the new system.

How will the new system work during fall quarter?

Starting fall quarter, Parking Enforcement will require all vehicles to be registered within the FlexPort system, and all hang-tags will be obsolete. Parking Enforcement officers will be instructed to double-check cars before issuing tickets.

How will guest parking and complimentary parking be handled?

The parking team is discussing potential solutions to this issue, and more details will be available later this month.

Will parking pass prices change?

Yes. Quarterly and annual parking pass prices will increase due to a previously scheduled/approved increase. The parking increase is not due to the new parking management system. If you have questions about this, please contact our Parking Office to discuss in more detail.

How many cars can be registered under one parking pass in the new system?

You may have up to five cars registered under each parking pass, and starting June 29, the new system will monitor cars based on their license plates. Our License Plate Reading technology will recognize all five cars as “parking pass holders.” However, you may have only ONE of those cars on campus at any given time, per pass.

What if I switch to another registered car on the same day?

You may switch cars on the same day, but the license plates must be registered online under your parking pass, and only one vehicle can be on campus at a time. If you would like to have multiple cars parked on campus at the same time, you will need a pass for each vehicle.

Where can I request additional information?

Please call Parking Services at 509-963-2667 or email

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