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Parking Services

Welcome to CWU Guest Parking Services

(509) 963-3480
Monday-Friday from 8:00 am-4:30 pm
Guest Parking Services is available by email or phone during business hours.

This is a separate division from Parking Services. 
Click here to contact Parking Services or to buy a Visitor Daily Permit.

What services are offered by Guest Parking Services?

•    We issue complimentary Guest Parking permits based on the conditions below.
•    We offer verbal directions to parking lots, buildings, and departments on campus.
•    Click below to link to our maps, which are subject to change without notice:
•    Interactive Campus Map: Wayfinder 3D map
•    Color-Coded Parking Lot Map: basic color-coded parking map

What conditions must be met to qualify for a complimentary Guest Parking permit?

Visitors that typically receive a complimentary permit include, but are not limited to:
•    Legislators
•    Prospective students
•    Staff/Faculty interviewees
•    Court reporters
•    State auditors
•    News/Media
•    Agents conducting background checks
•    Guests who have received an invitation from the President's or Vice President's Office

Departments: If you would like to purchase multiple permits for visitors/events, please call Guest Parking Services to learn more about the process. They may refer you to Parking Services, as well.

How do I request a Guest Parking permit?

Please email your request to:
Your request must include the following details about your guest in the body of the email:
•    Guest’s full name
•    Guest’s email address
•    The condition (as noted above) that qualifies this guest to receive a complimentary parking permit
•    Date of visit

Please submit your request at least one week in advance. We may not be able to respond to requests received with less than a week’s notice.

A max of one complimentary Guest Parking permit can be issued per visitor per month.

Guest Parking permits are valid in general lots only. If you have special lot requests, please call Guest Parking Services. 

If you are unsure if your visitor qualifies for a complimentary Guest Parking permit, please call Guest Parking Services. 

How do visitors buy a virtual daily permit if they do not qualify for a Guest Parking permit?

Visitors now have 3 ways to purchase a daily permit:

1.    Visit our Guest User Registration page to purchase a VISITOR DAILY PERMIT. 
2.    Use the QR code on our new parking lot signs to buy a virtual daily permit. Capture the QR code, scroll down to “create one” to create a login, and then follow the prompts.
3.    Purchase a virtual daily permit at a kiosk in lot I-15 (SURC), Q-14 (Nicholson Pavilion) or G-16 (near Starbucks).

Visitors that will need to purchase a virtual daily permit often include, but are not limited to, tourists/visitors, family and friends visiting campus, staff or faculty members visiting from other campuses, alumni returning for a visit, contractors, vendors*, conference/workshop attendees, students attending special events/sessions, and guests that are being paid by CWU or their employer, or are receiving any other form of compensation, including class credit or honorarium.

*Long-term vendors, please contact Parking Services at 509-963-2667 for additional options.

Permisos de estacionamiento para invitados de habla hispana

Las opciones de idioma español están disponibles en los quioscos ubicados en los estacionamientos I-15 (SURC), G-16 (cerca de Starbucks), y Q-14 (Nicholson Pavillion).


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