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Parking Services

Graduation Parking

CWU Graduation Parking 2013

There are some restrictions that will be in place during the commencement ceremonies:

• X-12 & W-12 are reserved areas for persons with disabilities.

o The police officers will determine whether the cars can park in the lot or just drop the person off and park elsewhere.

• Dignitaries have reserved spots at the west end of Q14.

• Motor homes are not allowed to park overnight in any of the lots (WAC106-116-213).

o If they are just here for the day of graduation, they may park on the north side of lot
V-7 and the Wahle Complex.

o For oversized motor homes, parking on 18th St. is a little easier.

• For all other attendees the east end of Q14 will be open, but it will fill up very fast! Attendees are allowed to park in any of the other lots on campus without a permit. We recommend Lots S-10, P-8, as well as O-5 as is it usually fairly empty on weekends.

• Parking is also available on surrounding city streets, please be aware that some city streets are Residential Parking Zones (RPZ) and require special permits.

• Public Safety and Police Services will have directional signage in place and officers directing traffic for both sessions of graduation.

• For overnight accommodation information inform them to contact the Ellensburg Chamber of Commerce, 925-3138.

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