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Central Washington University

Join us for this 30-minute virtual tour through Central Washington University’s campus, where you’ll meet real CWU students and alumni and explore campus life through their stories. Catch the Wildcats in Season 4 of The College Tour, an Amazon Prime Video series showcasing universities from across the U.S. Like what you see? Schedule a visit for an in-person campus tour or apply to start your higher education journey at CWU.

Episode 1 thumb: Welcome Home

Welcome Home 

Join Niko as he talks about why it’s so important to live on campus and get involved. Hear how he’s become the leader he is today through a campus network and culture that encourages lifelong learning and dynamic growth.

The College Tour Episode 2 - The Wildcat Experience

The Wildcat Experience 

Meet Jawan, who made it his mission to meet as many people as he could and get involved as soon as he arrived on campus. He also shares how his student job on campus incorporates his passion for filmmaking and working with a variety of different people.

The College Tour ep 3 - Welcome to the Wildcat Way

Welcome to the Wildcat Way

Listen in as Danielle shares how she grew from a nervous first-year student into a strong and confident young woman involved in all sorts of campus activities. She’s also a CWU tour guide, so she knows this place backward and forward.

The college tour ep 4 - Ellensburg Experience

Ellensburg Experience

When she’s not outdoors climbing real mountains, you can find Audrey spending time on CWU’s rock wall. Hear how her passion for the outdoors led her to Central and why it was so important for her to find a school that was close to home.

The College Tour EP 5 - Your Success is Personal

Your Success is Personal

Hear from Keegan, who was drawn to Central because of softball and an impressive variety of technology majors to choose from. She also talks about the reason she chose to stay: the mentorship of one of her professors, who has gone above and beyond to ensure she is successful.

The College Tour EP 6 - Prepared for Success

Prepared for Success

Meet Haven, who came to CWU from Hawaii to join the region’s only accredited aviation program that also offers a bachelor’s degree. She tells of how impressed she’s been with the amount of hands-on learning opportunities available to her, even during her first year in the program.

The College Tour EP 7 - Wildcat Pride

Wildcat Pride

Pre-med major and CWU men’s basketball player Marqus talks about how he approaches his athletic training and studies with equal intensity and pride. Hear about why he chose CWU and how his experience here has prepared him for the future.

The College Tour EP 8 - Learn. Do. Live.

Learn. Do. Live.

Hear how Jaeda is using the leadership skills she developed at CWU while earning her business degree to manage and launch programs that support the university’s goal of being more equitable and inclusive. The first-generation college student discusses CWU’s ongoing efforts to make campus a more welcoming and diverse place for people from all walks of life.

The College Tour EP 9 - The Value of a Degree

The Value of a Degree

Sometimes life is hard, as recent graduate Gonzo experienced firsthand. Hear how he made the necessary changes, set goals for himself and turned his life around, eventually leading him to transfer to CWU and earn three business degrees. He talks about how grateful he is for the support system he found here, and he credits the CWU community for helping him reach his goals and achieve success.

The College Tour EP 10 - You Belong Here

You Belong Here

Recent graduate Nenay shares how CWU’s unique and diverse culture helped make him feel at home — like an important member of a dynamic and compassionate community. Listen to his take on what it means to find, cultivate and celebrate your own community on campus.